Yay! Males eating again!

Hi everybody. My males are back on feed. I gave them each a jumbo mouse last night. Do you think I should offer them food again today, or just go back to the 4 day cycle I had them on before they stopped feeding?

Is highly recommended to feed ball pythons once a week as they can get obese which can lead to all kinds of health implications. That being said you don’t have to but I would highly recommend to switch to rats as mice don’t have as much of a fatty content and are more bony. I also read you can feed them chicks, but I don’t know about that research wise.

I am glad they are feeding though it’s never fun when they go on strike >.<

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I’m assuming they are coming off not eating well during breeding? I wouldn’t see a problem with every 4-5 days for a short time to get them back up to size. Not permanent, but especially if they’re just taking mice might not be bad to give them a boost of nutrients for the time being.

And yes of course rats are great but without context we have no idea how long they’ve been off or if they’ve been refusing rats. He’s doing the right thing if he gets them back on feed with whatever they will take them try and transition them back as he goes.

@masterofpythons good luck getting the boys back going strong!


Sorry… I should have given you all more information. My male pied has been off feed since March 5. My banana pastel calico has eaten twice since March 12. I have been feeding jumbo mice. I do plan on switching to rats, but wanted to get a few meals in my males. Thanks for all your knowledge and advice.

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