YB Confusion Dreamsicle vs Standard Dreamsicle

YB Confusion Dreamsicle Male and a high quality Dreamsicle Female.

These are both around 200-300g. Photos taken outside in the shade and white balance calibrated.

The big question with the male obviously is “is he Confusion?”! I have seen some exceptional YB Dreamsicles that have made me think maybe he’s not. His color tone, intensity, and pattern make me think Confusion though. Check out how his oranges are a different tone, increased white space/pattern breakup, and increased head blushing. Is that all a result of being an exceptional YB Dreamsicle or is Confusion in there? What do you guys think? I bet he will prove Confusion but I could be wrong. I have at least one breeder Dreamsicle female that will be ready for him when he is and we will find out!


He is super gorgeous. I love that you white balance your photos. It always makes for a better picture.


Getting better looking if that’s possible! I would think there is confusion, with all that crazy pattern especially low on the sides, but with piebald and yb I couldn’t be 100% sure. The piebald gene is such a pattern changer! Then yb can produce the enhanced look on the head sometimes, as well as creating more pattern changes -hard to say for certain. At least it’s your holdback so, I’m sure you aren’t going to mind breeding it to a female or two to find out!!:smiley: