YB or Not YB?

So, when Artemis first hatched out, I thought she might be YB… I was told at the time, that she was not.

But as she’s grown, I’m still doubting the lack of YB as she’s still quite a bit washed out and has some of a faded look in some spots.

Could she maybe just have low expression yb?

If better pictures are needed let me know, I just took them while doing cleaning today :joy:

Edit: pic of mom for reference, older pic but best one I have of her at the moment


I don’t see YB. But you can always send in a test to RGI.


What is she IDd as?


Are you asking for ID of the mom of the baby? @trnreptiles hatched out the baby themselves.

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Mom is a pewter, dad is a banana YB — baby was originally ID’d as a pewter but I’m trying to figure out if she might have YB too. I produced her in 2022.

I suppose my best bet is to just send in a shed for testing and rule it out that way, but man I wasn’t expecting her to still be as bright as she is. Maybe she’ll just mature into a brighter variation of pewter compared to her mom :joy:

The main reason I want to know is because I am going to work on downsizing my ball pythons and this would be the deciding factor on if I keep her or her mother :sweat_smile:

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They’re always brighter as babies than as adults, she’ll probably end up looking very similar to mom. I would definitely say the best way to know for sure is to test.