YB or Spotnose YB Clown

pairing was YB Clown x Spotnose Pastel Clown
any chance this would be Spotnose YB Clown ?


Hello @jeffexotic Jeff and welcome to the forum! I’m tagging @banereptiles, Nathan, to see what he thinks because I am not good with genes/morphs! :joy:

But I can tell you for sure that you have got one really cool looking BP there! :snake::+1:


With the color alone I know it is at least yellow belly. I am going to say spotnose as well, but unlike the yellow belly which I am positive on, I can’t give you 110% assurance it is spotnose. That is a killer looking clown though, love the look on the dorsal and inbetween the patterns, almost looks redstripe coloration in those areas!:+1:


I don’t see spotnose. It’s a really nice yellowbelly clown though, and I agree with bane that it does almost look redstripe (or something else). Do you have pictures of parents?