Yearling Corn Snake

Please can someone tell me what morph this is as I am particularly interested in purchasing one with these markings. Preferably a yearling. I’m based near Manchester.


This looks to be a standard anery. They don’t usually stay looking like that as an adult, though. They usually lose some contrast and gain yellow along the sides of the neck.


Agreed. Corns change quite a lot as they grow from hatchling to adult. @peter-j , may I suggest that If you want to find a pet who’s looks will be appealing to you for many years, check out the Morphpedia here. You could also do a MorphMarket Marketplace for adults (sold or otherwise) to see what sort of beauty those cute little hatchlings might grow into. One of the things I love about corns is that there’s a color and pattern for virtually everyone. Good luck in your search!


Hey @peter-j ! Welcome to the forum! You got great feedback/advice from 2 of the best of the best here in the family!

I will second the best of luck in finding what you are looking for! :pray::blush: