Yellow belly clown?

I know clown headstamps can vary greatly, but the most similar I can find to hers is on a yellow belly clown. She was sold as a single gene clown with no known yellow belly in her parents ( please excuse the stuck shed, it’s a work in progress)


The pairing was a clown x coral glow blade clown.

I don’t see yellowbelly. Can you post a picture with the snake laying like this? Kind of more side on than top down would be helpful.

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I hope these help :blush:


Looks like a Normal Clown to me.

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Thank you. I thought she was but her headstamp had me wondering a little bit in the back of my mind.

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At risk of derailing the original thread, @ballornothing what is that animal you posted?!?! Killer!

Apologies to OP, I think the original point has been covered. Certainly don’t mean to distract from the original post.

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@properroyals thank you! She’s a Super Enchi Pastel GHI

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Incredible. I was nowhere near that conclusion!! Gorgeous. @ballornothing