Yellowbelly ID! Banana yellowbelly x pewter clutch

So I’m here again with another YB clutch that I need help IDing — any help is appreciated!

Baby # 1 - pastel banana yb?
This one is lighter than his pastel banana brother, so I think one is yb and the other isn’t.

Baby # 2 - pastel banana

Baby # 3 - banana cinnamon, unsure on YB
He does have a lot of “pixelating” on his sides, so maybe YB?

Baby # 4 - banana pewter, unsure on YB
This one hasn’t shed yet but he’s also a runt so it’ll be awhile.

Baby # 5 - pewter, unsure on YB

Some other cute pics:

Pewter girl with her momma Charlie

The two pastel banana brothers

The whole clutch together!


Imo baby 2 and 3 are yb… non of the rest. Pewter really raises the pattern.


Looking at other pewter YB they seem to have more jumbled or even faded patterns, the two pewters I produced have “cleaner” patterns so that makes sense to me.

So the darker of the two pastel bananas is the one with yellowbelly? Just to clarify :joy:
I’d of thought the lighter would be yb, but I’m also apparently not great at IDing these guys either lol

Correct… there is obvious pixilation on that second baby.

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Oh! I see it now! Thanks for the clarification :joy:

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