Yellowbelly pied or just pied?

Hey, I’m looking for some help to identify this amazing snake I produced. The parents were a pied male to a het pied female.
Looking back now the het pied does look to have slight yellowbelly markers but I’m not sure that she is.
I’ve added the photos of the snake in question below and with her siblings and you can see that she is much more brighter than them.
Thank you in advance for any help


From them pictures, I believe that this…

may be YB Pied and the rest just Piebald.

Hopefully when one of the veterans pop up they can give you a better opinion :blush:

But you are right, you have produced some amazing snakes :ok_hand::fire:


95% sure that’s a yellowbelly pied. @westridge should be able to confirm.
Very nice clutch, beautiful pieds!

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When it comes to YB pied you are looking for a nice rich orange color as well as pixelation in the saddle, and finally a specific subtle head stamp

The easiest way to identify such animal is to look at each individual side by side.

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I’m no pro but if I had to guess from the photos I’d say no YB. I’d want to see more jagged saddle edges and possibly different color tone. Very nice pieds regardless.

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Thanks for clarifying @biologicalcanvas. The clean saddles was what lead me to think it was yellowbelly. I just thought it may be a low expression on the color.

I’d definitely trust your eye over mine :grin:.

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Thank you everyone. So we’re saying that it’s not then? I was going to sell her but because I thought more might be going on I then decided she was a hold back.
She is certainly brighter than the others. But i wasn’t sure what other things to look for