You ever get a rodent that you can’t help but keep around?

Went to the LRS and picked up some meals for my new babies, I generally refuse to feed live but new python babies are on live for the sisters and it’s all I could get my hands on, but I got a buck amongst the others I picked up I couldn’t help but notice is a piebald merle. My precious breeder bucks had died so I was looking for a new one anyways, might go back once I buy a shipment of F/T off a Craigslist breeder to see if I can get my hands on any other interesting babies


My little feeder colony started throwing fawns and one happens to be a fawn hooded. My first fancy rat as a kid was a fawn hooded so I think she may be hanging around a while longer.

One of the moms in my bins was a very sweet baby who would always come over and give kisses. She’s I think about to hit retirement and get her own private cage for the long haul.

I’ve also had a few failed feeders who became pets when I wasn’t raising my own feeders. My partner got a kick out of teaching him to run out of the cage and across his outstretched arms for treats.
They are fun little guys when you really have the time for them.


What a lil cutie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I can never raise my own feeders, because then every “feeder” would just become my pet. :joy: I’ve had pet rats off and on since I was a kid and I really do love them. Such sweet, smart little critters. Only reason why I stopped keeping them was their tragically short lifespan. My heart just couldn’t take it anymore.

So yeah, breeding my own snake food is definitely off the table. And if I ever end up with a snake who will only eat live…I might be in trouble. :joy:

Your little guy is very cute! If you needed a new male anyway, it sounds like it was meant to be.