Young ball python odd coloration on belly

I just got this little guy around a week ago and noticed this weird spot around the “belly button” area. I eventually googled what it is supposed to look like and it now concerns me.

Apologies for the poor image quality. My phone isn’t the best with pictures.

He is 100% healthy othewise, is a great eater and shows no signs of it bothering him.

Edit: The yellowing looks a bit lifted up as if missing a scale. The seller mentioned nothing about injuries or birth defects(highly doubt that’s the case)
He is about to go through a shed and is at the end of the blue phase atm. I’m hoping it won’t effect his shed and will get better with the shed.

He is around 2-3 months in age.


Hard to tell from the pics. Could be the very beginning of scale rot, since you said the scales are slightly lifted. It also could be nothing to worry about, maybe it got something stuck under a scale and it irritated it or could have stained it somehow. Since this one is going into shed I would wait till after the shed and see how it looks. I don’t think it is a vet trip thing at this point. Make sure your temps and humidity is on point and update after shed.:+1:


To be it just looks like his belly button is still in the process of healing and he’s just a little off color because of the coming shed. If he had a particularly large yolk stalk it may have just been a larger area to heal.

Sometimes the bellies on a shedding BP can get almost alarming looking shades before they shed. One of mine once turned salmon pink with a couple red freckles. That was a week of constant monitoring for anything possibly wrong xD

I think you’re okay, but keep an eye on them for any other symptoms. Obviously make sure the bedding stays clean. My little ones love to pee where they sleep to keep me on my toes. Hahah
With luck it’s just that last bit of healing up. =)


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Keep us posted and btw we all love pictures here! :pray::blush: