Young iguana enclosure

Eventually I will build a big enclosure for my green Iguana but this bookcase was fitting for now. I love putting enclosures together and I’m excited for what I can make in the future! Can I see your full sized iguana enclosures? (I live in a dry climate and wire won’t work)


Nice! I’m a firm believer in repurposing hardwood furniture into household cages/tanks too. I’m actually in various stages of three right now on… 2 for my daughters room(Northern blue tongue skink and some turtle/tortoise thing. I’m not great with the shelled ones. Third one just because I know I’ll use it someday. Though I just work on them as I get time.

That looks great though. Perfect starter. I’d hang around in that thing if I were an iguana!


I like that your just working on one because you will need it one day! Haha! And yes Irie leaves me to go back into the enclosure lol!

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Very nice enclosure!!! Love seeing things repurposed into enclosures!


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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