Your most anticipated clutch this season

wondering what the pairing is for everyones most anticipated clutch for this breeding season. Mine is a fairly simple one but hasn’t been produced yet so far as I know. I have a Rio(super arroyo) Female going to my Redstripe 50%het clown looking for some Arroyo Redstripes. I do know a couple people also have the same pairing going this season but have yet to see any results. Really hoping those two genes play well together. Im also putting that male to a woma pin het clown female to try and prove him out. Would be a great bonus if he ends up 100% het. Now remember just your ONE SINGLE most anticipated clutch LOL. Us breeders tend to start listing all our pairings and possibilities haha.

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All of them, honestly! It’s my first year breeding my animals :joy:

I did get some eggs from my hognose pair already (7 fertile, 5 slugs, 1 unfertilized boob egg):

One of the slugs had veins so I had put it in the incubator, but it started looking funny so I took it out along with the boob egg and tossed them.
That pairing was a 1.0 albino (orange phase) x 0.1 normal (green phase)

As for my ball pythons!
I have a few pairings going on:

1.0 banana yellowbelly x 0.1 pastel het vpi axanthic

The female in this pairing is going into her prelay shed right now!

1.0 super mystic x 0.1 butter

This massive girl is showing a nice build, and I’ve felt anywhere from 7-9 follicles in her. She’s gotta be close to ovulation. She’ll be an interesting case since she recently had treatment done on her for her jaw abscess.

1.0 butter spinner x 0.1 pewter

The female has 4 marble sized follicles, and is pounding food like crazy. She even took a rat after I palpated her earlier today!
If she does go this will be a fun clutch to identify :joy:


My first one! It’s a normal female paired with a Scaleless head male. Back when I could palpate and feel marbles/bouncy balls I was always counting between 11-13! She’s around 6 years old, always been a pet, never bred before so I’m super excited to see what she does. Even if I get all normals I’ll be happy with just the learning and process of it all lol. With 13 days left I’m absolutely beyond excited!

The only thing idk about her is how fast she took. I brought her home in January and she’s already ahead of a female who was pairing in December. Oh well! I’m happy with her lol

Big girl Borris! She’s been laying funny, sometimes on her side, her back, curled up, all kinds of ways! She refused food for the first time with me Saturday so I have a feeling she’s getting ready!


Congrats. I just got my first lock yesterday! I will be having my first clutch this year as well :crossed_fingers:t5:

Here’s the start of my grail project. It’s a few years away but gotta start somewhere. Male clown x het lavender


I can’t wait until my dbl het girl gets up to size. Good luck to you sir!

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And good luck to you as well! I’m definitely excited to try and make grails in the future. They have been on my bucket list of stuff I wanna produce for awhile now


I cant wait to see all the future clutches laid and then posts about the babies! :heart_eyes:


That’s a cool pairing! Back in 2016 I was contemplating between the Arroyo and Red Stripe and ended up with a RS. I think they are similar in some ways and I bet the combo will be cool to see.

I’m mostly excited about my Blackhead Leopard x Bamboo pairing. Everything else I’m doing is a stepping stone pairing for recessives so not as immediately exciting.

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Let’s see some of your most anticipated clutches of this season.

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