Zoo Med Paladarium Door Replacement

The wife and I were putting the finishing touches on the background of an 18x18x36 paludarium for a carpet chameleon. Looks really good too.

Until I broke the top pin off of the door.

Yep. Not a good thing. Anyone know a good, fast-shipping source for a new door?

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Zoo Med themselves are very quick about getting things shipped out, anytime I’ve dealt with them directly. I’d send an email to their customer service (they may have a phone number as well but I’ve never looked) and see what they can do, they usually get back to me in the same day, and you’d probably just pay the base cost of the door and shipping.

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Awesome. Just sent that email so waiting.

I’m not a good waiting-type person!


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Side note, we’d love to see the chameleon when you’re finished!


Definitely will get some pics up when we get her and get her settled in.

Got an email and they are going to send me the plastic top and bottom for the door!!