Zook the Savanna Monitor

My little Savanna Monitor Godzooki or Zook for short. I got him 2 month ago fresh hatched and the smallest monitor I had ever seen. He is growing fast, the hide in the pics is 6 inches long. he has always been really chilled out and even a bit shy

but today he started doing the backwards walk and tail whipping at me and when I picked him up he tried to bite and everted his hemipenes. It was kinda cute and now I know he is male. He seems a little small for a burst of testosterone, but I have never actually had a baby savanna before, all my previous ones were adult rescues. I am sure I will get him tamed back down, I always do, but is this a normal thing at his age?


I’m not sure about monitors, but I know tegus have a “moody teen phase” as they grow up

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