Zook the Savanna Monitor

My little Savanna Monitor Godzooki or Zook for short. I got him 2 month ago fresh hatched and the smallest monitor I had ever seen. He is growing fast, the hide in the pics is 6 inches long. he has always been really chilled out and even a bit shy

but today he started doing the backwards walk and tail whipping at me and when I picked him up he tried to bite and everted his hemipenes. It was kinda cute and now I know he is male. He seems a little small for a burst of testosterone, but I have never actually had a baby savanna before, all my previous ones were adult rescues. I am sure I will get him tamed back down, I always do, but is this a normal thing at his age?


I’m not sure about monitors, but I know tegus have a “moody teen phase” as they grow up

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Our girl Vladimir used to tail whip at us but when she associated us with food and love she just head butts us like a cat now when she wants loves.

She used bite my hands and draw blood and whip me with her tail. It just takes time and work! She still has to huff and puff to show how tough she is, but you have to realize they’re training us too. Any signs of weakness and they’ll learn from that too. I’ve really gotten good at not jumping when she tries to intimidate me. Now she’s a lover.