1 gram Crestie hatchling! (smallest I’ve ever hatched)!

This little guy hatched today. Blooming tiny! Only 1G, tiniest baby I have ever hatched out. It’s Harleys first ever clutch so may be why. But proud of my girl, she only laid the one and it’s cute either way! But tiny crests! :sweat_smile::lizard::heart:
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Going to be a little Extreme which we can see already though! :heart_eyes:
Here’s mum and dad. Haise and Harley :blush:


Very cute :heart_eyes: gotta love an extreme.

I can’t wait for my Cresties to breed :flushed: the wait is so hard


It’s so small, I feel like I’m going to break it! :grimacing: Never had one that size before… So will be keeping an extra eye on this one!
Oh I know what you mean!
Dolly lost a gram. Girl you need to be gaining not losing 1! :woman_facepalming:t2:
Yours gaining well?

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It’s adorable. I agree with Fox Reptile, I can’t wait just to get eggs from mine. I’ve seen them breeding and I think the female is developing eggs but I haven’t seen her lay any yet. Keep us updated, I can’t wait to see the patterns and size develop.


It is exciting, she only laid 1 for her first ever clutch. It’s also Haises first babies here with me and I’ve had him a couple years. But I didn’t see her developing any, never even saw Haise have his way with her. He must literally wait until gone 11 when we say goodnight to them all! Just around a month after being paired she finally laid 1! So just have a dig weekly around a month after pairing! Touch wood she’ll give you some soon, can always put together again!
What’s your pairing this year? :blush:

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Pairing this year doesn’t look good for my Cresties. My 2 females stopped gaining weight so might not get paired this year, I wonder if they are carrying duds? Might explain the lack of appetite. Women, so awkward.

hopefully I will have 2 more ladies ready for next year though :crossed_fingers: but I’m not planning my pairings, I’m going to wait till they reach weight! Maybe I won’t be do disappointed that way

I remember my first ever bought Crestie, it was only about 2cm long and omg was I scared to hold her incase I broke her. I want to point out this was many many years ago and before there was much info on Cresties etc and no ‘Google’…she continued to be small all her life.

Please ignore my lovely muddy hands, been digging in the vivs! But the little Extreme is doing good, just eaten some food, and today having a good look he/she may even be an extreme tri as I have Harleys mother who’s an Extreme Tricolour partial pinstripe, he/she even has the blush trait 🥲
Excited to see how it turns out, I can ignore the little crests! :sweat_smile:


If it’s not a tri, it will have good portholes

So cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and so tiny


Yeah, I don’t mind either way but since Nans an Extreme Tri could be a possibility, though I am hoping for an Extreme Harlequin as would be the first one here!
Friendly little one. Not tried to bite me yet which some do :sweat_smile:
Feel like a proud parent with him/her being Harleys first baby and Haises first baby with me! He was Proven from Leaping Cresties, and I always think he’s lazy as never seems interested in females, literally walked away whenever she was added in… Never seen him even try it on with one!
Turns out he’s just wanting it pitch black with no one about! :joy:


I can understand he wants some privacy lol

I’ve got a gecko cam that I can watch live or is triggered by movement so I will be able to check on the camera for interest, if I ever get to pair my Cresties lol

It’s great to watch a new Crestie too

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Ooh never thought about that! What’s it like then? Bet it’s awesome watching them active at night! :grin:

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It’s great fun. Esp some nights when I’m sitting in with the kids, I watch the Cresties move about to stop me from falling asleep.

I put all new Cresties under surveillance :blush:

I don’t think I can share videos but will take some screen shots and put them in a new discussion.


Little guy doing well, had first shed and eating? I make sure takes soon food from me before I put in just because I’ve never had one so small! Officially a week old :blush:


So cute :star_struck:

That reminds me, I need to buy some new scales, my current scales only go as low as grams and I’m not sure how comfortable I would be with weight checks if I ever hatched one this small :flushed:

I had jewellery ones that would be more precise, say 1.4 grams. But I found they weren’t great for Bigger cresties and obviously adults don’t fit! So I literally use my kitchen scales now :sweat_smile:
They work perfectly I just don’t get the points. But that’s ok as long as I know they’re growing I’m happy! :blush:

Yeah, I have kitchen scales which are great for the adults. As long as the baby cresties haven’t lost weight then I’ve been happy, but I don’t have that many at the mo, may be different when I get more baby cresties.

My mums just brought some smaller jewellery like scales today funny enough for her resin as she makes a lot of things now. And they’re brill for babies! Gonna have to get some again. Only a fiver! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Then I’ll keep the kitchen ones for the adults!

(Oh also, I am on a WhatsApp group for buying and selling cresties (got added today) and also on one for all geckos if you want the links to join them :blush:)
If anyone else also wants to join give me a message! Happy too pass on the links for gecko lovers :lizard:

I don’t use anything like WhatsApp, but thanks for offering.

I don’t suppose you know where the scales are from? I’ve been looking on Amazon but it’s hard to make a decision when the reviews are so mixed.

OMG I want one! Well, ok… to be honest I want dozens- one for each gecko, hehe! :wink: