2021 Breeding

I’ll keep this up during my 2021 journey with updates! Super excited, with one confirmed lock and another possible lock!


Finally locked up! <3 super egg-cited for it!


3 perfect locks with the banana, het pied only had 1 lock so I might cycle him out for just the banana to see if it’s the female not cooperating!

Great job!

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Very happy to say my girl finally took a rat after a 3.5 month strike!

After her first successful lock, my girl officially wants nothing to do with my boys lmao. Might try her again in a few weeks to see if she locks again, but so far no luck.

Which brings the good news that my het pied male isn’t a lazy breeder, considering it took him ten minutes to lock with my other lucky lady

How soon were you trying to pair again? You will have better luck if you give them a break. There is really no advantage of breeding them again shortly after a lock.

Also is the the gal your breeding?

I’ve been doing a 3 days on, 3 days off (If they lock, I’ll take them out once they’re done and give them 4). Both my males seem to do pretty well with it!

And yes it is! She wasn’t interested in food during the cold months, and stayed on her cold side near the bowl, so I wanted to test something out by pairing her with a male

I usually pair maybe twice a month. This is why they don’t have interest likely.

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I’ll give that a try! I’ve just seen a ton of people do 3/3 so I figured to try that first and see how it went

That’s is usually because a male is going to multiple females. Breeding can be incredibly tough on a male. No sense breeding him more than necessary. But that’s my personal opinion. Plenty of ways that work!

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Ohh I get it! Definitely gonna switch to bi weekly pairing then, thanks!


Both girls finally stopped locking up! Might try them again next month, but we’ll see!

I know it’s super early but I couldn’t resist setting up baby bins!


Those look awesome! They’ll be even better with some babies in there. :grinning: I have to ask what you’re using for the rack. It looks amazing and I would like to look into it for some of my species.

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Actually I had someone in MA custom build it for me! He also made me an awesome incubator! My rack holds 20 6qt sterilite bins though

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Could you add a picture of the entire rack? I’ve been looking at 6 qt tub racks for hatchling geckos. I’m still deciding between buying and building and another visual example would be awesome.

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It’s pretty great, and I’ll definitely get another to stack on it after I move some adults into another big rack!


Wow, that looks amazing! Thanks for the picture, it really helps me for new ideas and designs.


No problem! I wish you luck