4th clutch ID help

Pairing was a Barnhart line black pastel x red stripe.

Hatchling 1:

These were twins like the Roswell Grey alien heads on the dorsal stripe.

Hatchling 2:

As far as I can tell just a really funky normal.

Hatchling 3:

Another funky normal

Hatchling 4:

Very colorful red stripe?

Hatchling 5:

Another colorful red stripe?

Hatchling 6:

Black pastel red stripe?

Hatchling 7:

Another black pastel red stripe? The dorsal striping is throwing me off.

Hatchling 8:

This one has me at a complete loss. The dorsal stripe is far more orange than the rest, the side pattern is almost completely obliterated, and the belly is completely clean.

I’ve spoken to the breeder I got the black pastel from, and he said that he’s suspected there was something else at work as her offspring were a little off in color and pattern, but nothing like this.


I wouldn’t be much help with IDs, but I just wanted to say these babies look absolutely gorgeous! Especially that last one!

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I believe you have a Yellowbelly complex morph in your breeding. Can you post pics of the parents?

Twins: BlkPastel
2&3: WT
4: RS YBc
5: YBc
6&7: BlkPastel RS
8: BlkPastel RS YBc



Yeah, I would check with the breeder that you got the BlkPastel from and see if there was YB complex in the pairing that produced it. It certainly appears to be a BlkPastel YB based on the ones I have produced in the past


I’ve been speaking with him since I saw it in the egg, he is adamant that there is no yellow belly in her, nor any of her prior offspring have shown any indication of yellow belly. The closest he could was that the last male he paired with her might have been his single gene huffman. He’s in the field currently so waiting on him getting back this weekend to check his records. Either way, I can see where the pattern is close, but the color doesn’t fit anything I’ve seen for that combo.

@t_h_wyman @eaglereptiles I appreciate the help, if you could, when you get time break down what you are looking at to come to the conclusions you’ve arrived at? Definitely a teachable moment, and I know a lot if it comes from experience.

Again thanks for your time.


As Travis has already gave his guesses I’m going to agree with him. I know he works with both Black Pastel and Red Stripe a lot.

The female is definitely a carrier of a yellowbelly complex gene.

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I have also made a fair number of BlkPastel YBs :grin:

Part of it just comes from working with all the morphs, you develop an eye for them after a time.

So…What I am seeing. When we look at the dame, YB pushes:

  • A reduction in the “thickness” of the aliens (red)
  • A dramatic loss/lower expression of the “eyebrows”/freckles inside the aliens (orange)
  • Flames (blue)

When we look at this offspring, YB:

  • Flames (blue)
  • Keyhole headstamp (purple)
  • Jaggedness to the patterning (yellow)

When we look at this offspring, RSYB:

  • Flames (blue)
  • There is also a bump in colour intensity that is common with YB

When we look at this offspring, BlkPastelRSYB:

  • A reduction in the “thickness” of the aliens (red)
  • A dramatic loss/lower expression of the “eyebrows”/freckles inside the aliens (orange)
  • Flames (blue)
  • And again, the colour bump

This is an excellent visual display of identification of yellowbelly. Well done!


More education like this please, this is stuff breeder-youtubers will talk about and kinda point to on a snake but highlighted stills like this really help out immensely. Thank you for this!


Thank you gentlemen, I am glad to be of help :+1:t4:


@t_h_wyman Awsome!!! Thank you very much, exactly what I was looking for.

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