A difference a year makes

I just got a new baby girl yesterday. Anery het Albino Paradox. She’s our first female and is gonna go well with either of our boys.

She’s absolutely tiny and we did a rough size comparison last night to our yearling male just to see how much he has grown. And holy moly I wasn’t expecting him to have gotten so big. When you see them all the time you sometimes forget just how little they once were.

Cant wait to somehow get all three of our Sands out together. Our Paradox boy is full grown and would love to see him compared to both of these two.


You really do lose track of their growth when you see them daily.

Here is my male boa Khaleesi when he was around 4 months old, that’s the smallest water bowl Exo-Terra do. (I didn’t know he was male when I named him and there is no going back now) :

Here he is around 13 months old:


I wonder how many thousands of snakes have been named khaleesi in the last 3-5 years. Lol


I really wanted to name him Arya but the Mrs didn’t like it. I’d just finished the books around the time of getting her :rofl:. In person she is very silvery (she looks really orange in photos) so the name went well with her… I bet you can’t guess what I named what I thought at the time was the male :joy:

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Love KSB. Great little fishbait Boas. It is fun to get in a new animal and be reminded what the others were like originally.


My buddy has a female adult breeder named khaleesi! I didn’t know that name was common


A very beautiful snake you got there man. Cant wait to see him as a full grown adult! Been considering dipping my toes back into boas but I’m still thinking about it


I think since GOT became popular that became huge lol


Thank you Nathan. If your serious about getting a boa you really won’t regret it. They are so placid and seem to be bothered less about handling than any other reptile I’ve had/held.

The only time I’ve had a bite from him was when he missed the rat and hit me, he didn’t latch on and realized straight away I wasn’t food :joy:


Yeah I loved having them but I’ve only really ever had the dwarf boas. I only owned 1 regular full size boa and the reason I’m still deciding on it is because I just want to know how big of a rack or cage I would need for boas if I got any. A full size female can get like 9 plus foot right? Or am I wrong? Cant remember lol

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Usually females get around 6-8 feet and males 5-7 feet on average, but there are examples out there of 10/12+ feet females.
I guess it depends on a mix of the type of boa, the individual itself and it’s eating schedule.

I built 6ft Viv’s for mine from ikea wardrobes on their sides and 4mm Plexiglass. It cost less than £150 each and around £300 fully kitted out with equipment. When the guy from the shop I get my rats from saw it, he couldn’t believe how well it worked and how cheap it was in comparison to the £700+ ones he sold at half the size.

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Hmm so do you think a male or possibly a female could fit in a bp rack or would I have to get a separate enclosure? I have a 5.5 foot female bp and she fits in the rack with some extra room

Which wardrobe from ikea did you use. Was it maybe the Pax? And what size did you make it? Was planning on using them for keeping tubs. Our female boa is now only about 1 1/2 year old and about 140 cm. So she still fits well in 100 x 50 x 50 cm, but eventually she will need a bigger one and I was already checking for affordable solutions for her in the long run. Is it possible to post a picture?


here you go 😊

Wardrobe carcass 180cm X 90cm X 55cm (no doors/shelves, just the frame) - £51

Clear acrylic - £66 (I’m pretty certain it was around £50 when I purchased it so I’m guessing their prices have gone up.)

Aquarium silicon - ~£10

Screws - ~£2

Here it is half way through being built, I had just fastened the logs and branches in place for extra support.

Here it was around last year when i decided it was ready for Drogo to call home.

I’ve since changed it around a lot and made a expanding foam rock background, I’ll get a new picture up tomorrow when the lights are back on.


It really looks nice!!! I really looks like a good solution. Luckily Ikea sel the cupboards here too and I also found a shop for the acrylic glass. I can not really see how you fixed the front side. Did you put those plastic sliding rails or did you make it from wood?

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Thank you :grin:. I actually used beading that you would use for the edges of laminate flooring and used wood glue and a few nails.


This really sound good. I normally order terrariums for a guy who makes them for not to much money and brings them to our main expo here. The main problem is that I have no idea how to get a boa enclosure home and transport cost are really high. But this can really solve the problem. Thank you for the tip. I will for shure use it.

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I’m glad I helped :blush:

Our super mojave girl, Onini, in my son’s hand in oktober 2018. She was only 97 gram and 8 weeks old.

Onini oktober 2019. By then she was around 600.

Last week she was already 850 gram.


Wow, she sure did stretch out :heart_eyes:

As a heads up it’s October :grin:

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