Ability of communities and individuals to welcome new hobbyists

You are spot-on with the community being unfriendly. That’s why I never share my intentions or questions with nobody except for a few pro breeders. And I mean pro, as in helpful pros. Not wannabe know it all pros. If you say or ask anything of the wannabe’s, they just want to belittle others to the point of just saying screw it. Almost like theyre afraid you might provide a little competition to them, or whatever. Most breeders, I may read some of their remarks, or answers to other questions. But I will never ask them a question. More than likely, it won’t get answered, but will tell you everything else you’re wrong about, maybe even tell you to kill yourself.


Wow… sorry to hear about the bad experiences. I’ve found this forum to be very friendly and helpful and often look forward to reading post and contributing when I can. It seems like a great place to share information and help each other out. Sure there are some keyboard warriors out there but sometimes they spark great debates and a lot of different views get expressed which becomes a learning opportunity for everyone.

You don’t have to agree to always agree with one another and still get along with each other…not sure that’s coming out the way I wanted it to but you get my point.

The original topic here is very interesting and I look forward to reading more opinions on the questions posed.


I hope that people find the MRC community to be a refreshing departure from these sorts of attitudes.


I think their are enough good things to weigh out the bad when it comes to the community. Any community you decide to join will have a group of less desirable people, but they also can bring value to conversation. Overall I think the community is great and I’m personally looking forward to the future. This hobby should be fun, just look at all the things that can be done with these amazing animals. This forum so far is great, there are a few spats here and there, but nothing that raises any red flags. I will say as a newbie, sometimes it can be a bit daunting to ask a question because of the fear someone will make you feel stupid for asking it…but don’t let it deter you from making friends, asking questions, and enjoying the hobby! There are some great people here!


I’ve definitively had my fair share of dealing with obnoxiously rude know-it-all elitists. I can’t even join any of the popular reptile-based discord servers in fear of them attacking me again. It’s gotten to the point where I considered selling off my collection because I felt that I was not worthy of keeping them. These same people even encouraged I quit the hobby!

Why? Because I keep my snakes in racks/tubs with only paper towel as a substrate and their water bowl. Apparently that makes me a “irresponsible” and “neglectful” snake keeper according to these people.
Funny thing is, I’ve seen countless other breeders with similar setups, and was even encouraged by my vet to keep my snakes on paper towels.
I’ve also had someone hound me about not washing my snakes every time there’s a mess in their tubs. Then tried comparing the issue to a baby, where you have to clean up after them every time they eat and dirty their diaper.

I did have someone tell me I shouldn’t be breeding ball pythons because of how “oversaturated” the market is.
I don’t think it’ll be an issue, as people who are in it for the money usually burn out quicker (it takes a lot of time before you get babies) and the people who are in it for the animals themselves will persevere.
There’s a lot of new people getting into the hobby lately, as I’ve seen some other people mention. I feel like there will always be a market for ball pythons in some way.


I honestly got banned from BP.net because the community is so fickle and soft. It is unbelievable how people treat you. Sorry to hear about your experience. I have had some bad experiences within the community lately too.

While no communities are perfect it takes a lot to be banned from there since there is a point system, which means usually people are banned by disrespecting the staff or the site, or being abusives toward others, which we would agree no one would let stand in any community.


I recently acquired my first ball python last Saturday, and I can 100% agree with your statement that the community is NOT welcoming at all to noobies. I did my research before getting the snake, and made sure I had everything I would need to maintain a proper habitat for it. I’m six days into owning my first snake, and I am afraid to even ask questions on BP groups because I am sick and tired of being torn to shreds. I just want to give my snake a good life, and provide it with a great home.



Welcome to the community and congratulations on acquiring your 1st ball python. People on this forum are extremely helpful and go out of there way to answer questions. At 1st I thought your post did not go along with this thread……but it does! If people have bad experiences within the community, they may be less likely to participate, and they may be less likely to be a happy successful owner. I hope your experience here is a positive one!


Dont ever be afraid to ask questions. That is the whole point in having a forum in the first place so that we can learn and share with each other. The people that want to tear you down for asking questions are obviously unhappy and never had a true love or passion for the hobby to begin with. Welcome to the community and congrats on your first snake.


I’m not saying everybody is like that. There are some very good people out there. Mostly because they don’t become part of any groups. At least I have their e-mails to ask them their advice on stuff. But I have quit a ton of groups because they either don’t even come close to even trying to answer my question. Or instead of answering somebody else’s question, they’d rather belittle them to death, and have everybody jump on the bandwagon, and do it to. I think it has come to the point to where most of the experienced people have totally forgot about the fact that they were once new too, and made mistakes. They act like they woke up one day and knew everything. And they make it their goal to belittle everyone they can.

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This is exactly what I was talking about. I was on one of those forums for a while, but every time anyone asked a question the same 3 or 4 experienced breeders, who were also moderators for the site would ridicule.

It’s really not much different at the reptile shows around here either. When I was first “gifted” a BP about 18 months ago, I knew nothing and had to learn quick…I thought that going to a reptile show and asking questions would be helpful (It’s hard to ask a Youtube video questions). After my first show I was ready to give up, but luckily I hung in there and now I’m absolutely in love with them (and feel like I am doing a bang-up job with their husbandry - all very happy, healthy, growing and eating like champs!)

I am definitely in this for the animals and I feel that everytime I walk into that room and look at them. So much more awesome than most humans I know!


This is a split from the original conversation regarding market saturation, since the previous thread went way of topic I created this one.

If you wish to participate to the market saturation thread please click here Over saturation in the BP market?

Thank you and please stay on topic.

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they may even tell you to kill yourself…

it’s crazy how that is so true…

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Yeah absolutely never be afraid to ask questions here. My wife and I started breeding about three years ago, and everyone we asked questions to in person just spouted off how much they knew about the business without answering. Everyone we asked online just ridiculed and talked down to us saying we were doing everything wrong.
The end game is really just to have healthy and happy snakes, no matter what set up, food, or husbandry you use. As long as you have healthy animals who aren’t stressed there shouldn’t be an issue.
I definitely don’t do it for the money(although the return is nice when you break a profit) and consider myself a hobbiest, but when the “pro breeders” hear you call yourself a hobbiest they automatically talk down to you and assume you have no idea what you’re doing. It’s obnoxious but there’s never any harm in asking questions. It’s how we learn, and the good advice we get from helpful people is well worth the crappy remarks we have to sift through with the jerks.


I got banned from that site, so i came over here, guess who the moderators over here are?? Thats right. I already had an issue too. Have to kiss their butts or you cant use the internet anymore it seems.

I haven’t found much good information on any of the forums so I don’t worry too much about it. At least any good info anyone can agree on.

I got banned from that site, so i came over here, guess who the moderators over here are?? Thats right. I already had an issue too. Have to kiss their butts or you cant use the internet anymore it seems.

You know you are pushing it now, so let’s be honest about your ban

You were impatient expected answers
to your question within 4 hours in the middle of the night were told patience goes a long way and you just lost it.

Than you wanted your account deleted

Originally Posted by MaxT815

can you please direct me how to delete my account? This forum is a piece of

that request was followed with disrespect to the staff and insulting PM to another member which lead to a temporary ban of 30 days but you decided to create 4 multiple accounts to keep insulting said member and make false reports which ultimately lead to a permanent ban. You were given multiple chances, take a lot to get banned but you brought it on yourself.

So please let’s not play the victim here.

Disrespect to the staff and or other members is not something that is tolerated on any forum this is not facebook.

So much for moving on and having a fresh start and becoming a positive contributor of this forum.

The ball is in your camp.


^^This^^. I don’t have time for drama and negativity in my life. I love my snakes, but the “community”? Not so much.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask a question?
That’s what most of these groups and forums are attempting to instill into the noobies. Is to be afraid to ask questions. While I haven’t seen it yet, in this one. And, I do mean, yet. When a noob asks a question, only to be ridiculed and belittled by 75% of the members, that’s going to make them not say much anymore, if not leave entirely.