About the Geckoholic Fire Recovery Fundraising Auction

Charity Auction for Danielle Stevens (Geckoholic) Fire Recovery Fundraiser. Auctions start at 6pm CST on Friday, March 25 and finishes at 9pm CST on Sunday, March 27. Happy fun bidding on items donated by your reptile community members!

Moderators and auction organizers Erin Ashley (Southern Gurl Exotics) and Candice White Hagberg (Candie Cresteds) are hoping to gather donations for the auction to support Danielle after she lost 200 geckos to a fire earlier this month.

—Danielle’s Account of the Fire

"At approximately 1:00 AM, on Wednesday, March 2, 2022, I was awoken by smoke alarms sounding. It was my (& every reptile breeders) worst nightmare…my gecko room was on fire.
I called 911 immediately but was still trying to extinguish the fire myself. After about 5 minutes, the smoke became too much for me. I threw the fire extinguisher down & opened the back door to get the 3 dogs to the backyard. Against 911’s advice, I went back inside & got the 4 ferrets in their carrier & ran out the front door. Once I was out front, I could see the window in the gecko room. I didn’t see flames, just a bright orange glow. At this point, I knew I couldnt go back in again.
The fire department arrived minutes later, went in & quickly put the fire out. It wasn’t cleared & I wasn’t allowed back in until 5:30 AM though…4 hours of feeling completely helpless.
Approximately 200 geckos perished in the fire, 113 survived. All of my racks are totalled though…even the uninvolved racks are warped from the intense heat.
I am not completely done breeding…I’ll NEVER be completely done. But I must take a huge step back for now…until I can recoup some from this awful event. For this reason, I am selling off the vast majority of the remaining geckos.

How This Works

This is how you get a donation going:

  • If you have items to donate non please click “New Topic” from the category page.
  • It will give you a template to fill out. Feel free to modify. Add all your info and photos.
  • Once saved it will go to a pending folder so all moderators can see and we will be able to approve when ready.
  • When approved we will notify you and you will be able to see what is happening with the auction and bidding.
  • A moderator will call the winner based on timestamps.
  • Once a donation is made for the winning amount via PayPal Friends & Family to Kellagood711@gmail.com please screenshot and add to post.
  • Reach out to donors (via emails or other contact in the listing) to arrange for shipping.
  • Winner and Donor need to make sure they have final info needed before the post is removed.

Important Donation Notes

Moderators are not responsible for items donated by others and will not have access to look up deleted posts so please screenshot your winnings as winner and the contact person as donor before they are removed.

  • Actions will start at 6pm CST on Friday, March 25 and finish at 9pm CST on Sunday, March 27.
  • Winning bids must be paid via donation to above mentioned PayPal F&F WITHIN 12 hrs of winning. Please don’t hold up the thread. Be ready to pay if you bid. PayPal Goods & Services would put a hold and funds can’t be used until it clears.
  • Shipping clearly will be done when safe weather allows and per shipping guidelines. Please ship your items in a timely manner. A couple folks have noted they can’t ship live animals until May.

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