Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create this forum?

We felt like there was an absence of a centralized, modern, and professional forum for reptile lovers to converse publicly. While Facebook has provided a modern platform, the community there is fragmented across hundreds of groups and the content is difficult to locate and inaccessible to search engines. The content there is owned and controlled by large corporations. Additionally, for many users, social media sites contain endless non-reptile content, distractions, and drama that lead to an unpleasant experience. The goal of this site is to provide a platform that addresses all of these concerns.

In addition, we love the platform and felt it would be a great place to host the content related to such articles from our breeders and help documentation.

How do I use this site?

Please read the New User’s Guide. This covers many topics including basic terms, navigation, posting, replying, notifications, profiles, and more.

You can also find a lot of great information at and especially in their FAQ category. Another resource is the fully-functional Discourse demo site where you can create an account and play around.

What are the rules?

Please read the Guidelines.

How to write a great post?

  • Include a photo. A picture is worth 1,000 words.
  • Include a paragraph of text. This will give context to the photo and really bring it to life and will encourage conversation.
  • Make sure to put it in the appropriate category and add any relevant tags.
  • If you don’t have any photos to share, you can always ask a thoughtful question about a problem you are facing. Sometimes these generate the most responses.
  • Here are more tips.

How is the site organized?

Where are all the “forums”, you might think? In Discourse they’re called Categories. The content is organized into broad Categories and subdivided with Tags. Read more about these in the New User’s Guide. Each category has a topic describing what belongs there.

For example, #ball-pythons and #geckos are categories but #breeding, #husbandry and #photos are tags. Every topic has one category but can have multiple tags. Users can then search within any of the reptile-related categories for #breeding, or they can search across all categories for that tag.

You can always click the logo in the upper left corner to return to the home page. From there you will see the Latest topics by default, or you can click Categories to narrow your browsing. Your home page default can be changed in the settings.

The #community-feedback category is for discussing the forum itself. For example, you could ask a question there if you can’t find an answer.

Are you going to add more categories?

Our site is organized with both Categories and Tags as explained in the section above. As tags become very heavily used we may convert them into Categories. However, Tags are in many ways better than Categories. To see why, please our detailed explanation in

What are Trust Levels?

Trust Levels are a way that users can gain new permissions and abilities as they prove themselves to be productive members of our community. There are five levels: New, Basic, Member, Regular and Leader. These are also abbreviated TL0 to TL4.

Read about the requirements for each TL and their abilities:

How can I change my username?

Your username comes from your single user account shared between the MorphMarket marketplace and the MRC. You can change your username under by going to your User Settings on the market site. After, log out of the community site and you should be logged back in with your new username. Learn more about the Single Sign On (SSO).

How can I change the Theme from Dark to Light?

Under your User Settings (click your icon in upper right) > the cog icon > Preferences > Interface, and then you can change the theme to “Light”.