Add Sulfur gene to Water Monitor simple recessive

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Gene Request Form

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**Species:**Asin Water monitor
**Name of Gene:**sulfur
**First produced by whom:**from the wild
Year First Produced:
Genetics Type (Incdom/Codom/Recessive/Polygenic/etc): recessive
In complex with other genes?:
Other names/aliases for it?:
Description: it is a pattern and color morph. It is frequently found in the wild and imported. Has been proven to be simple recessive. Het are usually a little different then normals

Appearance; What it does/looks like?

  • Head:reduced pattern and bright yellow color
  • Body:yellow and black bands instead of spots
  • Belly:
  • Tail:

Proven Lines:
Related Genes:

Proven: To what degree it is proven out to not just be polygenic? Has been proven many times by many different people with many different animals
Unique: Why do you believe this is a new morph and not an existing one?
It’s not a “new morph “ it’s been around for years you just don’t have it on your database. There are lots list for sale here for years.

Problems: Any problems? No
History: The history behind its discovery?
Disagreement or Controversy:
References here on the community:

  • At least one link to community discussion (ie forums) to demonstrate community acceptance
    Look at MorphMarket under water monitors there are lots of them. But it doesn’t come up under traits
  • Link to WOBP if one exists.
  • Links to the wider web.
    Please attach at least 3 photos you have rights to which you are granting to be used on MorphMarket, Including 1 image next to a Normal/WT animal

I’ve added it to the list for the next round of updates… any day now :crossed_fingers:
Thank you Chris!


Great Thank you!

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