Adult super dwarf retic pair photos

Custom Jordan 13s? Nice and nice snakes as well

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There captain America’s! And thanks!

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Love these! I wish they didn’t blanket ban retics in Florida. And the Revan in the background :heart:

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You can own them with a permit, though it takes awhile to receive, but it is worth it. It is a Process, my husband got one when he was young.


I’ve always thought retics we’re absolutely gorgeous, but always assumed they were out of the question for me to keep (unless I won the lottery) because of their epic size. I didn’t realize that the dwarfs were that much smaller. I might actually be up for something that size at some point in the future.

…this is a dangerous discovery for me, haha.

Gorgeous snakes!


I can get into those nope noodles🐍normally i stay clear of the large breed snakes because i know i couldn’t handle them once they got big, especially with me being in a wheelchair and i have a very curious/nosey kitty who literally is in everything i do. These guys look like a manageable size, i pictured them so much larger.

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Oh wow! Those guys are gorgeous! Retics are AMAZING snakes and they deserve a lot of respect!:wink::snake: