Albino Complex for Retics?

I just want to check my understanding on the albino complex in retics. If I am wrong, please comment so that I can learn from your knowledge and experiences.


  1. Visual white albino bread to a visual white albino = you’ll get visual white albino babies

  2. Visual purple albino bred to a visual purple albino = gives you visual purple albino babies

  3. Visual purple albino bred to a Visual white albino = gives you lavender albino babies

  4. Lavender albino bred to a lavender albino = gives you lavender, purple, white albinos

  5. Then you have blonde and different types of Caramell albinos

  6. Visual caramel albino (syntec) bred to a visual white albino = orange glows that have lighter colors/less contrast

  7. Visual caramel albino (syntec) bred to a visual purple albino = orange glows that have darker colors/higher contrast

  8. Visual Mocha bred to a white albino = Mochino with lighter color overall/lower contrast

  9. Visual Mocha bred to a purple albino = Mochino with darker color overall/higher contrast


I do not work with retics so I am not 100% on all the details but from the background I have picked up from conversations with others your breakdown looks correct. This appears to be a rather large allelic complex for the species

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I don’t see how I missed this thread.
From what I can tell you’re correct.
The only other morphs I can think of that you’re missing is Caramel Albino( Foulsham) and Lemon Glow which is a combination of 2 Caramel Albino genes from my understanding. I’m not sure specifically how that works as Ive never talked with anyone who has worked with them. And information is hard to come by on some of the less worked with retic genes.
Another speculation in the retic hobby is the possibility of Rennick Ghost being in this same complex. This is pure speculation as we’re still waiting to see a Rennick Ghost Albino. A few breeders I’ve talked with thinks it’s a possibility but no solid proof as of yet.
Maybe Jackie from @cold-heartedexotics can weigh in with what else we may be missing.


Lemon Glow is supposed to be the het black eye leucistic form of the platinum gene, but we do have fruitbaskets which are lemon glow orange glows.

And Rennick ghost is not compatible with Clark series or any gene allelic to Clark series, I believe the jury may still be out about Ghost being compatible with Amel and Clark blonde.

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I talked about that with @mnroyals in I’ve had a few people say lg and a few say just a platty?

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I thought that ghost is a combo of albino and anrey

That would be Snow.

It’s a complex, similar to Clark series.

Fire is het for Ultra. (pioneered by Bob Clark)
Lemon Glow is het for Black Eye Leucistic.
Platinum can be either.

Way back, Samson Pruitt of Slither INC middle manned a deal to import a group of the first Ivory retics (at the time they were the first leucistics), they were split up among a few breeders, all platinum, lemon glow, and fires descended from these animals.
The breeders gave their individual lines nicknames, typically their line was either Het leucistic, or Het Ultra, opposed to their line consisting of both traits in the heterozygous form in different animals.

Many breeders do not know what line their platinums came from, and they often don’t know if they have a Het black eye leucistics or het ultras.


Thanks that clears up a lot

So what do you think would happen if you bred one of the Het ultras to a het BEL

Are you referring to a BlkEL?

If so you would get Ivories.

Ivory has 1 of each gene from the leucistic complex, it’s the equivalent of Clark Lavender Albino.

Oops mis type

So is there a way to tell what your platty will produce? Like a marker

*Edit I just want to say this is what I know off the top of my head and is still learning

Good to know. Thank you for clearing that up.
And @lumpy, @jobforaretic is correct. Snow is a double recessive display of albino and anery. You can have purple snows, white snows, and regular snows. There are 3 lines of albino which all will make a different appearance when added with anery, but still a snow for short.

And like @jobforaretic mentioned, unless you can undoubtedly trace which line platinum you would have, only way to tell is to breed it out from what Ive learned.

We’re all still learning Riley, I still am at least. Retics are just starting to take off in my opinion and we will have a lot more concrete answers with how these genes work and play together in the coming years.