Albinos in Shed

For those that own an albino how can you tell when one is about to go into shed, or is in shed?
I want to make sure I know what to look for during his next shed cycle because I had NO idea >.<

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They are very tricky to see it sometimes, my albino’s White is super bright, so when he starts to look like he’s going into shed, his white looks more chalky than vibrant. His eyes, the same way. When I first got him, he would surprise me a lot with shedding, but over time I grew accustomed to what he should look like and what shedding does to him. image image


I notice the belly getting pink. I have noticed this in the morphs with light colored bellies.


Thank you guys for all the help! I will keep my eye out for it next time.

I got him in with two other snakes and they came without an indications of their last feeding, shed cycle, etc with them. I assume he came in when he was already in shed. Going back and looking at some pictures I got of him when he first arrived - to now, after he’s shed, I can see the difference in colors.


Color dulls and eyes & belly look pasty
(Pre-shed on top and post-shed on bottom)


Thank you @alpinereptiles! That’s really helpful with the pics :smiley: