Allelic combo confusion

I was wondering what it’s the hardest part of ball python genetics do people have a tough time with?

Mine is allelic combos. From the long list in the super stripe combos, from new allelics like enchi and cinnamon or chocolate and spotnose. I have trouble keeping them straight. Not to mention mystic and mojave being visually similar but create potions and not BELs.

On a selfish note I wouldn’t mind a tab on morphmarket that would separate the complexes.

If any of the above info is wrong please correct. Like I said, I have issues with it.

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Potions are technically BELs! They’re just a more “dirty” type of BEL.

Here is my super mystic and pastel super mojave pair:

Hoping to pair them this season. Lucy seemed pretty excited about Almond, she very quickly started tail wagging and dragging her scent glands around her tub.
Almond is a proven breeder, but didn’t seem interested in her. I’m gonna wait a couple months before attempting to pair them again, she’s still eating like a pig so she shouldn’t have any issue putting on some more size.
She’s around 1300-1400 grams, been a fast grower ever since I got her.

Here’s a couple of Almond’s offspring from the Almond x Butters clutch, the butter mystic produces a more typical BEL.


To actually answer the question at hand though, I don’t think I struggle too much with anything besides identification. But learning how to identify morphs comes with time, and since I’m fairly new to the hobby I don’t see it as a real issue. I always have others who can help me with those if I’m not sure :grin:


I didn’t know that they are still considered BELs. We have a .1 super mystic and she gorgeous. I love the super form. Its one of the reasons I prefer mystic over mojave.

Hopefully they lock and produce for you. “Typical” BELs are still amazing. Plus, IMO You can’t wrong with and of BEL complex genes.


Identification is difficult and its great to have friends and tools, like morphmarket, to help.

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Well there is this: