Allelic Morphs aka Complexes [Reticulated Pythons]

Allelic Morphs

Here is a list of all the Allelic Morphs, also commonly referred to as complexes. Feel free to discuss any updates as this will be a forever evolving list. Links, Pictures, 1st hand knowledge, ect. of a breeding trail that shows they are allelic helps tremendously.

Last Update: Apr 08, 2022


Albino T- complex

  • White Phase Albino X Purple Phase Albino = Lavender Phase Clark Albino
  • Albino (any phase) X Indo Caramel = Orange Glow
  • Albino (any phase) X Mocha = Mochino
  • Indo Caramel X Mocha = Mochamel
  • Caramel Albino (Foulsham) X Albino (White phase) = White Ameretto Coral
  • Caramel Albino (Foulsham) X Albino (Purple phase) = Purple Amaretto

Albino T+ complex

  • Blonde Albino X Amelanistic = Rhapsody

Cow complex

  • Orange Ghost Stripe X Phantom = COW
  • Bacan x Het. OGS = Amber

Ultra Complex

  • Platinum
  • Lemon Glow

Platinum x Lemon Glow = Ultra


I know foulsham caramel from the U.K. is compatible with Clark strain albinos, I think they are called amarettos, when bred to each other. I am not sure though if they are considered the same as our indo caramel gene, most consider them separate but very similar to my knowledge.


Bacan is in the Cow complex. Too bad its not here in the US. I hear there is one that made it here before everything got closed down. Who knows though

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Foulsham x Clark Type 1 (White) = Coral
Foulsham x Clark Type 1 (Purple) = Amaretto (misspelled in the post above)


This is true.

Bacan Het. OGS = Amber