Amphibians Market Launched!

Hey everyone!

Big news here! We’ve just added Amphibians support to the market.

There are 10 subcategories: Tree frogs, Dart frogs, Horned frogs, Bullfrogs, Other Frogs, Toads, Salamanders, Newts, Axolotls and Other Amphibians.

Didn’t we just add Invertebrates last week? That’s right, MorphMarket isn’t just for Reptiles anymore. And in 4 days 32 Invert breeders have created 126 ads. We couldn’t believe how fast that area has populated.

So Amphibian lovers, let’s get this going!

  1. Please help spread the word to other enthusiasts online
  2. If you’ve got inventory, login and upload it right now

We know it’s going to be big based on how many requests we’ve gotten for Amphibians over the last several years.

Thanks to those who chimed in for the formation of this category: @critterscreatures @chrisgeckos @hydrasden @dreamweaverreptiles @cordyceps @westridge @moriahnocarey @victoria_thompson @benjamins_exotics @gwydlynns_amphibians @nathan_e @duckdangerfield

As a reminder, in the future we may elevate certain subcategories to be their own top level categories, like Axolotls or Toads, at which point they’d enjoy traits and other benefits.