Major amphibian categories? is adding a top level amphibians category. What subcategories are the major ones we need to have?

For comparison, this will be similar to our “other” areas:

Should we break it out as fine grained as we did for turtles and tortoises (which haven’t really taken off yet to be populated), or should we stick with 5-15 major subcategories?

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I think something like this might work:

Tree frogs
Dart frogs
Other Frogs
Other amphibians

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Keep it simple-
Tree frog
Other frogs
Other amphibians

The vast majority or amphibians will fall into one of those categories


Axolotl and newts are pretty common in the pet trade, I would have them separate from other amphibians with a salamanders / newts category

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Maybe 2-5 for popular frog species, one for axolotls, one for other frogs, one for other salamanders, and then other amphibians? I am happy to see they are adding this. For some reason I thought they had an amphibian section already and just set up a seller account to add an axolotl…only to find no amphibian section. This will be a nice addition!