Major amphibian categories? is adding a top level amphibians category. What subcategories are the major ones we need to have?

For comparison, this will be similar to our “other” areas:

Should we break it out as fine grained as we did for turtles and tortoises (which haven’t really taken off yet to be populated), or should we stick with 5-15 major subcategories?


I think something like this might work:

Tree frogs
Dart frogs
Other Frogs
Other amphibians


Keep it simple-
Tree frog
Other frogs
Other amphibians

The vast majority or amphibians will fall into one of those categories


Axolotl and newts are pretty common in the pet trade, I would have them separate from other amphibians with a salamanders / newts category


Maybe 2-5 for popular frog species, one for axolotls, one for other frogs, one for other salamanders, and then other amphibians? I am happy to see they are adding this. For some reason I thought they had an amphibian section already and just set up a seller account to add an axolotl…only to find no amphibian section. This will be a nice addition!


This is so exciting. I have been wanting this section for an age! The dart frog community really needs this resource for frog shopping! Some frogs seem impossible to find. So often we rely on word of mouth to direct us to someone with a particular frog…and then you just have to get lucky that they have something available. This is going to be a priceless tool!! I am so excited to both shop and sell.

When do you think it will be up and running?


Newts & Salamanders
Frogs & Toads
└Tree Frogs
└Dart Frogs
└Pixie Frogs
└Horned/Pacman Frogs
└Other Frogs
Other Amphibians

Just a thought.


My take:
Dart Frogs
Tree Frogs
Other Frogs
Other Amphibians

Based on what I’ve seen on other sites, I don’t think there will be enough newt/salamander/axolotl ads to justify seperate categories for each of them.

Just curious to know if there has been any further development on the Amphibians category for the site? Amphibian vendors are in desperate need of a consolidated place to sell their animals.


@cordyceps, No update yet. This is blocked in the same place as Inverts category:

idk what u mean but we want a section for frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, all the major categories then another section for invertebrates

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Definitely agree here!

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right?! and a place for us to buy

yessss this would be awesome

@serpent-alchemy This looks excellent! The only thing I could add is it would be very beneficial if there was a breakdown of each category further for some way to classify each species. (Example: Toads category breaks down into American Toads, Fowler’s Toads, Cane Toads, etc…)


Is this still going to happen by any chance? :blush:

Yes! But we are still having to focus on other areas of the site – upgrades and performance – at the moment.


Here’s is what I am preparing. The Amphibian category with a total of 10 subcategories.

- Tree frogs
- Dart frogs
- Bullfrogs (pixie/pyxie)
- Horned frogs (pacman/pac-man)
- Toads
- Other Frogs
- Salamanders
- Newts
- Axolotls
Other Amphibians (Caecilians, Amphiuma)

The main decision here was to generalize the subcategories for bullfrogs and horned frogs instead of using the particular pixie and pacman names. Search will still redirect to these subcategories however.

Compared to inverts which just launched with 12 subcategories, most of which already have ads:


The nice part about this setup is that if we don’t have ads, it just hides those subcats so they don’t create clutter for the buyers.

What do you think?


Love the way its organized as well as the way it hides subcategories if they do not have any ads. This category will definitely be frequented by me as well as other users I’m sure.


Good call on the Axolotls

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