Another Reptile Girl

Hi all. I’ve been skirting around MorphMarket for a while so I figured I’d finally make my account and intro. I have a lot to say but hopefully none of it boring. My name is Hailey and I have been a reptile owner for 10+ years (a fraction compared to some of you - I’m 25 btw). I am a research-aholic and a lover of all reptile, amphibians, invertebrates, and pretty much everything in the natural world (cats included). I have the pleasure of owning several leos and cresties, but I grew up with cats, dogs, small mammals, fish, birds, bps and savannah monitors. When I was younger I had flying tree geckos, and an African fat-tailed gecko who brought me into the world of leos and cresties.

Two years ago my 17 year old Striped Zero AFT passed away. I have not owned another since, but plan to raise and breed AFTs one day. Here’s my boy, Desoto in old age (Yes his toes were no longer looking the best) RIP:

RIP also to my sweet Honey <3 2nd Gen removed from wild type, high yellow

Here are my current buddies and more on the way:

Lemondrop - 1+ year old Hypo Albino Tremper Tangerine Female

Mojo (his fancy picture) - 9 Yr old Sun Glow (tremper albino) High Yellow Male

Matilda - Pinstripe female

Unnamed New Girlie Leo (help naming?) Sykes Emerine Blood Inferno Sunglow Female

Another unnamed female I’m picking up soon - Bold Stripe with some orange in the tail, NOT MY HAND BTW lol (help naming?)

Can’t forget Jiji

Besides these guys I breed dubias, mealworms, isopods, and springtails. I love making bioactive terrariums and homemade 3D backdrops like this one I just completed:

Besides all that I love biology as a whole. I love DIY and being thrifty. Here’s a project from several years ago I had success with (I have no doubt I’ll have success incubating leo eggs - though I know its completely different). I hatched 7/12 quail eggs I ordered in the mail in a homemade incubator haha! Love this kind of stuff. Sold them to a friend with chickens and rabbits. Will do more projects like this in the future.

There’s much more when it comes to me and my hobbies but this is generally who I be lol. I’m an animal lover and lover of knowledge, biology, etc. Right now I’m researching genetics and breeding but not to make money. I just love reptiles so much and want to be a bigger part of the community and have that success of hatching my first clutch. I’ve waited a long time of owning reptiles to even think about breeding, so I’m hoping many of you will give me good advice and I promise not to ask irresponsible questions lol. Hope that says enough about me. If you’re new to owning reptiles or animals in general feel free to ask me questions. I won’t pretend to be vet-level professional but I’ve been around reptiles most my life and delved into as much as I can possibly know about them. I’d be happy to help you out.

Also plan on making custom backdrops (100% terrarium-safe materials) if anyone is interested.

Thanks to all for reading!!! And good to be here!


Hey, great photos! And welcome. No idea what to name your gecko, but she’s definitely got some cool patterns and colors going on. And just curious, what did you name Jiji after?


Hey thanks for the welcome! I named Jiji after a movie called “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. If you’re familiar with Hayao Miyazaki, I love all his work.


That’s what I thought. :grin: Well alright, very cool. And I agree, at least in the case of that one. And your cat looks very fitting of the name!


Welcome! Your critters are adorable!


Thank you!!!

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I’m assuming Kikis delivery service! :laughing:


Love your pinstripe Dalmatian Crestie :heart_eyes:


Hi @jijimorphkitty, welcome to our community! All of your animals are beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you add to this forum. If you need encouragement, this community will be right there with you. I hope that you enjoy being a part of this community.


My Neighbor Totoro or Spirited Away!


Ah just seen this!!
Brilliant name :wink::star_struck:


My. Absolute. Fav! :heart_eyes:


Piggy parents lol :joy:
I love his movies, I watch them as a kid.


Welcome! I hope you do some “how to” threads on your 3D backgrounds. This is something I really want to learn about.


I foresee a lot of those coming :wink:


Hey thanks a ton! I’ve wondered if she was dalmation too. Was not told the genetics when I bought her but now I know :wink:


Spirited Away is for sure my favorite of his! Getting a Haku (dragon) tattoo soon haha


Porco Rosso, is that what you’re talking about? If so that’s one of the only ones I haven’t seen. Own like 10 of his movies lol


That sounds like a cool idea. In the meantime save every piece of Styrofoam you have until I do lol! :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ll definitely have to do that.


Many thanks :slight_smile: So far everyone has been very welcoming. Love this community and looking forward to bringing something to the table here