Any other genes in play?

I was given this lovely boy about 2 weeks ago. He’s a normal, dh for pied and ghost. I’m pretty terrible at identifying morphs but I’ve noticed that he’s quite dark compared to my other normal and has alot of “alien heads” along his side. I’m just curious to see if there might be some other genes in play here. I feel like I just have a fancy normal, but you never know. If more pics are need, please let me know.

Thank you!


He does look mustardy, but nothing that would make me say anything other than a normal.

Here is a guide Guide in asking for Morph Identification that may help you get more accurate answers though.

There is the chance a het is showing some unexpected variation aswel.

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Normals have natural variation. It doesn’t look like anything other than a normal.

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I almost wanna say it looks like a special but more likely just a naturally bright normal.

I would agree with the previous statements. Looks normal to me, and if he is dh pied and ghost, that could be why he appears to look more bright than some normals I’ve seen.