Any tips for new owner

I am interested in getting my first lizard and I want it to be a created gecko, I am currently building a 40b bioactive terrarium, while I have a good bit of experience in snakes I’ve never had a lizard of any kind is there anything I should know

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I will definitely tag you are crested gecko experts :grin:


We love these guys, they have wonderful information.


I would say if you’re getting a baby, the enclosure would have to be much smaller because you don’t want to have to put many sources of food throughout the enclosure making it be harder to monitor food consumption.


I would like to rescue/buy and adult if possible but I also have a spare 12x12x18 if I end up needing it


Rescuers come with issues usually. I would recommend buying an adult from a respectable breeder for a first CG. Also, do you plan to just feed powdered crested gecko diet, or do you plan to supplement crickets and other bugs for additional nutrients? You will see a great amount of recommendations by our gecko community on here recommending that you do feed additional bugs.


Thanks for the tag and compliment @lumpy

@lokibp so much to say :grin:
Cresties make fantastic pets but I agree with lumpy for your first, I’d recommend a getting from a breeder mainly because they are less likely to have genetic issues and are more likely to have been handled which is ideal for a first Crestie as they can be jumpy and fast.

However it’s your decision. Adult Cresties are less likely to be a flighty compared young Cresties, but that depends on how often it’s been handled as well as it’s personality.

I have no idea how big 40b is? But bioactive terrariums are great :relaxed: make sure there are plenty of benches to walk on and plenty of hiding spots.

I’d there anything you would like advise on specifically? Food, enclosure, choosing your Crestie?


I plan to feed mostly powdered diet but I do plan to supplement bugs at least one a week

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I’d recommend bugs 2 to 3 times a week as it’s a huge part of their diet, that being said mine haven’t had insects for a couple of weeks, they are taking a bug break as the insects I had also came with other things so I’m so cleaning the insect enclosure.

I feed locusts, dubia roaches, crickets and occasional Wax worms

Do you have any idea as to what crested gecko diet (CGD) you will be using?


I would mainly like advice on how much to feed both powdered and supplemental bugs I would also like advice on picking my crestie and last but not least lighting and or heat temp range I think according to my research 75-80 room temp for me should be fine but advice is always welcome. Also a 40b or 40 breeder is 36Lx18wx18D

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I want to feed Pangea or what ever the breeder is feeding and attempt to transition to Pangea if possible because it’s what I can get locals there’s always online but I like local when possible

I’d rather know I can get it in my local reptile shop too, I’m lucky as my shop has recently expanded. I’d recommend having more than one flavour available so the Crestie doesn’t get picky.

I use various Pangea, Repashy & recently Reptile Supplies.

The seller should be able to advise you what they are feeding the Crestie so you can buy that. I feed my Cresties daily but adults don’t always eat daily, sometimes it’s every other day so don’t panic if that’s the case. If possible weigh your Crestie when you get it and approx monthly so you can monitor if it’s losing or gaining weight, but usually as long as you can see poop, it should be fine. Adults are usually easier to tell.

Is the enclosure size in cm?

Cresties can overheat so don’t let them go above 30c, I try to keep them between 22 & 26c (71-79 I think). They can go as low as 15c but only for short period of time and they would need the heat back again soon after.


As for picking your Crestie, are you fussed on morph?

Look out for signs of dehydration, MBD & FTS, I’d strongly suggest to research them all. Healthy Cresties should move about normally.

Make sure bugs are gut loaded before feeding them to your Crestie

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The enclosure size is in inches but in cm it is about 91x46x46 and to answer your other reply how would I identify those things through photos and also this may be a weird question but what does fts stand for, I know how to see mbd in pictures bit dehydration I can only id in person lol. How would I go about guy loading my insects?

Does fts have something to do with toes? The only thing I could think of is falling toe syndrome I could look it up but that would require me getting on my computer as I am in the betta app and google is broken on my phone lol

It’s floppy tail syndrome.
It’s caused by the gecko hanging upside down on the glass or decor because of lack of areas where it feels comfortable to sleep in the enclosure. Also some CG might just be a pain about it.


How does fts affect the gecko and is it treatable?

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I think most covered!

With Pangea, feed it every other day, and crickets 2/3 times a week dusted.

When buying the Crestie ask too see parents, ask about feed, handling etc. Any issues not eating?

When I rehome my babies, they’re on a variety of flavours so but fussy, tame, come from very healthy parents.

Personally buying from a breeder is a lot better than a shop! You know the care has gone in when buying from a breeder, well with 99% of them!


Not treatable no.
In severe cases the tail can bend right over and touch the Cresties head. We rescued 5 Cresties back along, and one was so severe it folded over and touched his head the poor thing, luckily it dropped its tail and it’s with a friend!

In some other severe cases it can cause twisted spine. If this were the case and your Cresties had fts and you saw the spine twisting as the base of the tail, you should need to make the Crestie drop it’s tail ideally if will get a lot worse.

But don’t worry about that, if it happens then you can deal with it. My boy Haise has fts, but it’s nothing, he’s happy, healthy and a big boy!


I agree with above floppy tail syndrome can be nothing or it can lead to death.

My boy below has mild FTS, despite my efforts, he still tries to sleep upsidedown. See how his back towards the end dips in and his tail is a little out of shape. He still moves fine as it’s mild and I’m trying to catch him out when his upsidedown, but I’m not always home to catch it. Worse cases would mean the tail wouldn’t move properly and the spine would be severely damaged. Tail would likely need to come off and it is not treatable

MBD is caused my lack of UV of vitamin d3 and will show!

Gut loading insects would require you feeding them approx 4 days before feeding them to your Crestie.

Dehydration you can usually tell with sunken eyes.

Feet are important too, don’t want those toes sticking together or they might need to come off resulting in a gecko struggling to get around.


This is my boy who has it. :blush: Hes still awesome!

Also another thing to mention is hump back/bumps.
Nothing to do with MBD or anything like that. Some are born with it. Infact I have 2 young here with it. Who were born with it, they’re going to a friend as I wouldn’t trust anyone else not to still breed them. And pumpkin from Crestie universe I have here who also has a hump and bumps.
Again nothing can be done, all born with it.

Its a lot to take in isn’t it :sweat_smile: