Any way to see hidden feedback on store ratings?

Hello everyone! I bought a Western Hognose from a seller on here. There feedback was hidden, I knew I was taking a risk. I’m pretty sure they sold me a sick snake, but I want to be 100 percent sure before leaving bad feedback. The hognose has regurgitated 2 times since april, and I’ve been noticing bright green colored fluid… I know it’s coming from her, not sure if it’s from her mouth or but. I called the seller, and they assured me that the snake was healthy. I took the snake to the vet yesterday, and they said she looks skinny, but they didn’t feel anything wrong. I’m going to feed her today and bring them the poop sample. I’m just wondering if other people this seller sold to had a similar experience. It’s definitely not my husbandry. I always wait 2 weeks after regurg’s to feed again. I also use and uth with a thermostat, warm end a 92 degrees. I’m super stressed about this, my only concern is the snake. I just don’t want this person to keep selling sick animals, if that is indeed the case. Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated!

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I haven’t found any way to see hidden feedback. Kind of think it is unfortunate that a seller can do that, as the only reason I can think they’d want to do that is receiving bad reviews. Since a seller has to indicate that an animal was actually sold to you before you’re allowed to leave a review, it’s not like there’s really a risk of someone who just doesn’t like them spamming their page with bad reviews to bring the seller rating down, so it just seems an odd decision to me and I personally won’t buy from a seller who’s hidden their reviews as a result.

I don’t have experience with hogs, but that definitely sounds like something is wrong to me. Has it been able to keep down ANY meal since you’ve received it? Perhaps try a smaller meal than you’d normally feed a snake that size if you haven’t already, see if it manages to keep that down? I’d also try getting a sample of that green fluid into the vet if possible.

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Sorry for your sick animal!

Answering your question (in the title) specifically, the option is to “hide ratings” so… no, there’s not a way for normal users to see the ratings. That’s what the feature says.

That being said, MorphMarket staff CAN see the ratings, and the score these individual accumulate over time. As our docs state, if they earn a bad rating we will enact disciplinary measures up to and including banning them.

So please do leave ratings for them either way. But if it were me, I wouldn’t buy from someone who hid their ratings.

But it seems like this topic is more about husbandry questions than what the title states. We should probably separate the two.


Thanks, appreciate you responding!

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We are discontinuing hidden ratings.