Hognose regurgitation

I’ve fed her 9 times since i had her, and she’s regurgitated 2 times. First time was the day after I got her. I assumed this was my fault for not giving her enough time to adjust. When the seller listed her, she was put as 125(not exactly but somewhere in that range) grams. When I weighed her a few days after regurgitating, she was 85 grams. I should’ve weighed her right when I got her, but it slipped my mind, definitely my mistake. After 2 weeks, I started feeding her again. She kept taking meals and put on weight, she got back up to 103 grams, then she regurgitated again and went back down in weight. She weighed 85 grams at the vet yesterday. I’ve only had her for 8 weeks, but had to not feed her for 4 of those weeks due to regurgitation. I’m hoping its just that she’s finicky, but I’m worried it may be more. I just fed her today (15 days after her last regurgitiation) so I’ll get her poop sample tomorrow, and hopefully the vet will be able to let me know exactly what is going on.

I do understand that there needs to be seller protection. People tend to leave negative reviews for trivial things. I just can’t find any info on this company anywhere… I checked the FBI facebook group, and any resource I can find. I wouldn’t leave them a negative review unless I was 100 percent sure they knew they sold me a sick animal. I’m just curious if there other negative reviews were related to the problem I’m having. Thanks for responding!

When did you get her, how often are feeding her and what are you feeding her? I am confused on time line. You said you have only had her 8 weeks and haven’t feed her for 4 of those weeks and have feed her 9 times.

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I got her on 4/20. Fed her 4/21 and she regurgitated. Fed her on 5/3, then again on 5/7, she regurgitated later that day. Fed her again 5/20, 5/23, 5/24 (She was super hungry, but I’m thinking I shouldn’t have done that) fed again 5/26, 5/28 and she regurgitated again. I didn’t have my log out before posting previously, I had forgot she regurg’d 3 times. I took her to the vet yesterday, so I waited till today to feed her again. I fed her a small pinky rat… I noticed the second time she regurg’d it was after eating a fuzzy mouse, and it was mostly bones she regurg’d. Do you ever see bright green fluid in your enclosures? I can post a pic of it if that helps. Thanks for your response!

If I had to guess first regurgitation is due to stress, second due to back to back feeding, keep in mind that snake digestion takes 48 hours, so you really want to space those geeding out at 3 days min, but at her size she should only be fed every 5 days.

The green substance most likely bile (gastric juices) because the digestion is over stimulated because of the high frequency.

Those snakes are prone to fatty liver disease as well so you want to pace yourself with feeding.

Hopefully the fecal will come back clean but still make sure to ask for a crypto test.


That changes things a bit. I would not be trying to feed a snake that’s been regurgitating until after it’s had time to digest the meal it’s currently working on. Feeding it back-to-back like that probably isn’t a good idea, and if the first regurg was stress related, trying to feed it that frequently sounds like a good way to stress it further.

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I should also add that she shed on 6/9. It was a full shed. I was worried about her weight and was made a mistake feeding so often. I have a bunch of sand boas. I’m used to them. They eat 1 time a week(males less), and typically don’t poop until 3-5 days after eating. This hognose poops 24 hours after feeding her, every time. She’ll also poop again the next day. I’ll definitely make sure to get a crypto test. I feel like an ass for feeding her so often, but I honestly thought it was what she wanted. Thanks for pointing out my mistake! I won’t make it again!

You need to give 10-14 days for their digestive enzymes to come back. Feeding earlier can do damage to the snake.

Also, snakes cant process fur so they spit it out after a while, usually sometime after the 48 hr period.That is not regurge.

Snakes do not spit fur out. They aren’t an owl. It will pass through them and come out in their poop. @stewart_reptiles @wreckroomsnakes @thecrawdfather and many others can back me up on this. I have also never seen fur in the poop of my snakes so I don’t know if they are unable to process it or not.


The snake needs a 2 break after a regurge. Also some snakes will not take to 5 day feedings which I consider as power feeding. You might have to push it to 7 day feedings. This all seems to fall on you and not the seller.
@jrodr345 I have never heard of snakes not being able to process fur and so they regurge it.

Actually I’m going to disagree. There is something about “castings” with them (I have no idea on a hoggie or any species besides a BP.)
Not the same as a regurge. I have seemingly found less as they’ve gotten bigger? But I’m not sure the exact reason for the behavior.

I don’t know if it’s accurate to say they “can’t” digest fur…if that was true I would expect to see these castings wayyyyy more often than I do. But it’s something related.

I’m not weighing in on the OP either just responding to the castings comment. I have seen them from time to time.

I would look for bile/partially digested material and odor/grossness for determining it was a regurge.

I have never seen any of my snakes (ball pythons, colubrids, and boa) regurge fur. If they ate a bird covered in feathers I could see them needing to spit the feathers out. But not fur that can pass through them. They can’t digest keratin but usually just have it come out the other end.

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So how many hognose do you have, I have been keeping hogs for 9 years and I have NEVER seen what you are talking about, fur can pass through the digestive track and does not come back up after 48 hours. Anything that comes back up after 48 hours to 5 days is a regurgitation regardless of the species.

More fur than waste in waste material is not uncommon it does not happen all the time but it does and it not coming back up but down :wink:

Some of you need to disect fecal material :+1:


I mean I’ve never seen one do it so I can’t confirm they spit it up instead of the other…but I’m pretty sure they do there’s no fecal present in the ones I have seen. Obviously it technically is a regurge if they spit it out because that’s what the word means but the little clumped fur casts I’ve seen are clearly different than what we typically describe as a regurge.

Just common sense for me on this one. A clump of fur after 5 days, no visible bile etc. if you want to treat it as a regurge and not feed for 3 weeks go for it! Better safe than sorry. Anyway that’s just what I had heard and operated under.

If your snake hasn’t digest it’s meal after 5 days you should definitely take it to a vet there is more going on than just a regurge.

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I did give her 14 days after every one. I never said anything about fur, she regurgitated bones. I’ve never seen any fur in her poops or anything.

If you are feeding her fuzzy mice, the fur is very small and there isn’t much of it. So not seeing it in the poop is normal.

I agree it’s me and not the seller. I would never leave negative feedback without being 100% sure. I came here to learn, and I learned I was the problem. All i can do is learn from my mistake and move forward.