Anyone using Arcadia deep heat projectors?

I use radiant heat panels in almost everything I house my boas in. (Other than racks I mean). I picked a Vision 632 up for Jasmin my Junglebesque as she’s outgrowing her AP enclosure. Im going to throw a rhp in to do most of the heavy lifting heating wise, but im also considering using an Arcadia Deep Heat Projector since this enclosure has a nice large area to accommodate one. So with all that said, I was curious to see what people think of these heaters.


I have one for my leopard gecko: it heats her 3x2x2 enclosure well, and keeps everything pretty constant. It doesn’t emit light, which is great for night time heating if you need it. So far, I’ve had no issues with mine, and I’ve had it for about seven months. I plan to get another one for my Fire Skink when she’s a little older and ready to upgrade.

You might need multiple for large enclosures, but I have a 50W in my 3x2x2 and it doesn’t need full power to give a gradient. With snakes, I recommend getting a lamp cage for it because it can get hot directly under the lamp.


Im going to be picky here but it is worth it. :blush:
With snakes I recommend keeping any heat source outside of the enclosure.

Urgent burn care advice

And as for heat mats, urine/spilt water can cause thermostat readings to drop, which in turn unnecessarily brings up the temps of the mat and cooks you a unwanted dinner.


With snakes I recommend keeping any heat source outside of the enclosure.

Agreed here. I have my snakes in a rack system, but keeping them from interacting with a heat source directly is always a good idea. Of course, if you have to have it in the enclosure, put a lamp cage around it.

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