Arboreal Or Semi Arboreal

Hey everyone!

I have two enclosures (a 2 x 2 x 2 and a 30" x 2’ x 2’) looking for new inhabitants. I was hoping for an Arboreal or semi Arboreal for these. But I want something a little different than mainstream. I already have CRB, BRB, and Carpets. The rainbows are strictly terrestrial despite having climbing opportunities.

I’m not too interested in ATB as they hide a lot and have had bad experiences in the past. Also not looking for GTP, Emeralds, ECT. And want something more advanced than corns, rats, ECT.

These enclosures will strictly be for juvis or small adults that will be upgraded to bigger enclosures as they grow.

Any recommendations?

Possibly looking at Indonesian Tree boas, Solomon Island tree boas, ECT


Have you thought about garters? A lot of the species will climb a lot and also like to be kept together. The same thing goes for rough/smooth green snakes but they are just more arboreal compared to garters which are semi-arboreal (or at least will climb a lot in captivity).


I will direct you here:

And here:

Since they likely cover the same territory for you