Are some morphs over hyped?

Do any of you agree that some morphs are WAY too over hyped? In my personal opinion for instance I think that the sunset gene is over hyped and the only reason people like it is because of the potential of the money it could make them, and I’m also not that much of a fan because a sunset clown looks just like a sunset. What do you guys think?


Didn’t even know sunset existed so idk how “overhyped” it could be lol.

Idk, I think most things have their merit. Only things I don’t care for are ones I know came with a likely fatal price to many or all of their clutchmates

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I think monsoon is on that same new overpriced track but the people that make them are the ones that set that market and if it sells they are justifiable in doing so and I kinda like the market staying that way or it would just be soooo flooded to be honest…and it is all subjective for sure…one of my favorite morphs is hypo and it undervalued especially with DG doing so much so it works for me in that regard…it always plains out in the long run though and supply and demand always works itself out


To me to qualify as being “overhyped” they’d probably have to be pretty hyped? I think most of the stuff that’s really hot is really good so nothing comes straight to mind do you have any others you consider to qualify?

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It’s kinda funny…I see like 3 “that’s a super underrated gene” comments everyday but not many “that’s overrated.” Lol


Thing about the sunset is its new, ressecive, and the potential hasnt even scratched the surface…


I get that but still, there are already some combos out there and it hasn’t wowed me yet

Another thing with deciding if a morph is “overhyped” that makes it tough is any cutting edge stuff that’s in its first few years probably isn’t widely explored and depending on the price point even available to a vast majority of people so it’s hard to say. Then once it’s mainstream and loses that top tier value people are on to the next thing and so it’s not as hyped anyway.

Ok how about this? A morph that is widely available…and very nice, but maybe gets too much love right now…how about leopard? Now I like leopard (in the process of getting a male leopard het clown,) but it feels like top 5 hottest things out there like EVERYONE is throwing it into all their recessive projects etc and I mean there ARE other genes which do similarly good pattern breakup that don’t get nearly as much love. Could that qualify as “overhyped” even if we all agree it’s really good?..just trying to give this thread some legs lol.


The thing about Leo is it really took off with the batman but it does a lot of morphing in other things as well so its more popular than Spotnose which baffles me cause of what spotnose does to head pattern I like it a lil more amd own more of it…but that Leo tag is a great selling point and does look good on the call tag

True and it’s hard to say like…I think confusion does a better pattern breakup but Leo is available to anyone and everyone and confusion isn’t so…I can’t really blame leopard for that.

Plus Leo is way easier ti get cause it isnt ressecive…and the new ressecive genes arent gonna pop up all that often…

Leopard also took off when Justin at JKR made the first leopard clown

That’s another gene that I think is over rated. The puzzle gene just seems like a slightly different normal to me.


Idk dude down here in Florida…Orlando actually my dude calls it Acid and he has some outta this world stuff off of it

Look up J-Royals reptiles and I been to Joshes facility and the stuff that ISN’T for sale is BEYOND rediculous


I will for sure check him out. I’d love to be proven wrong about the puzzle

I think you mean Acid, Static, and Confusion. It is interesting how these 3 came about from different places around the similar time frames and seem to be more or less the same thing just different lines.

I do love the 3 different lines though. It does feel like they are pretty hyped in some regard, but I guess I just feel like they deserve the hype. I ended up getting an Acid from Josh and haven’t regretted it yet.


I think it’s maybe since we are all so into the hobby that it’s easy to see what’s cool in most of the morphs that get attention, even if it’s not something we want for our own collection?


I actually dislike Mojave. Don’t get me wrong, I like the “bones” down the spine when it shows but the colouring and pattern I just can’t get behind. I think it is one of the ugliest morphs out there and not one I would pay big to have in my collection.

Saying that, I’m really into my light colored pythons, albinos, pieds, lavenders, bananas, hypos.and so on.

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Mate… You really gotta start doing your research because I have been reading a lot of your posts and they are way off.

Puzzle is a recessive trait that was founded out of EbN more than a decade ago.

Acid and Confusion are (to date) dominant traits that were founded by a breeder in FL and Germany, respectively, and are newer in the hobby than Puzzle. These two genes are quite likely allelic but they are not the same. Static, founded by another US breeder, is also likely in this group.