Are these adequate to quarantine my new snakes?

I am getting a couple new arrivals and was wondering if these are suitable for quarantine of my snakes so i can monitor them for the first 2 weeks to ensure they are eating and
have appropriate weights and no signs of sickness or pests.

How big are they? They look small and you’ll want themt to be big enough to hold at least a hide and a water dish.

I’d also recommend quarantining for much longer than 2 weeks. 3-6 months is much safer


Everything @chesterhf said before ^^

Also, what kind of snakes are you getting? That plays a significant part in people giving you appropriate feedback.

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What kind of snakes are you expecting, and how old are they? If they’re youngsters who produce small amounts of waste, it’s also a good idea to use something like newsprint or paper towels as substrate so you can easily find and check on what they’re excreting.

Do you have others now? If so, what kind(s)?

Quarantine for two weeks is better than nothing, but it’s not really adequate. You clearly want to do the right thing. Please consider a longer quarantine period.


I am getting rosy boas so they aren’t too big i can go with a larger tub they have bigger options. I definitely can quarantine them much longer. I really do care about my animals and want to give them the best starts at my home. Those tubs were just a picture i was more or less asking if the snap lid were good or not.


Rosy boas are so cute! Yeah, those snap lids are great for snakes. I’ve got a number of them for growing youngsters, and a couple for bigger snakes, too. They’re lightweight and easily portable (which is useful in case of evacuations), and the lids keep everybody where I put them, even that time when one of the cats managed to knock one of my babies off its supposedly cat-proof shelf.

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I have a kitty too and she definitely is nosy :joy: i definitely plan on buying the larger size the picture was just representing the one pictured was definitely for tiny animals not my snake.

I use Sterlite brand, with locking clips. This is one of those things where not all brands are created equal. Some don’t seal snugly enough to keep a snake from pushing out. The locking clips are extra security and peace of mind for me.


I was looking at those but unsure as to how to properly vent them like what tool do i need just a drill? Im pretty new to snakes and do have adequate permanent homes ready for after i quarantine them for the several months as suggested. Im just looking for adequate temporary housing that lets me monitor them and allows them to feel safe. From everything ive read rosys like smaller vs the bigger ones. Eventually i may try to breed but thats more like 3 years out once i have more experience and knowledge.

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Quarantine should be no less than three months, if not four. I know that it sticks to have them not in their homes faster but it is good so there is no disease transfer.


Awesome thanks for letting me know, after that i already have permanent enclosures ready. I wanns give them the best care possible

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I understand their health is number 1 and in the long run goes towards their happiness. The one thing i see is a ton of contradictory information on housing them some places say bigger is better than others say that big spaces stress the rosy boa out, i definitely don’t want them stressed.


Rosies are a great choice! I almost got one. Tip: I can second the locking bins, but if you need further security, big binder clips are really useful. Looks like you’re off to a good start!


I haven’t used a drill, though I suppose that should work. I heard they can lead to cracks or sharp spots if you’re not careful but Idk. It’s really easy to melt the holes for ventilation with a soldering iron. Just be sure you do it in a WELL ventilated area. It’s a very smelly process.

And yes, quarantine needs to be much longer than 2 weeks to be safe. There are unfortunate number of problems which may not manifest quickly. If your quarantine area has the space, there’s nothing wrong with putting the snakes into their permanent enclosures once you know that they’re eating, dtinking and eliminating well. That is, as long as you can keep a good eye on all of those processes in their permanent viv. If you can’t, well, that viv needs a rethink anyway. Lol


I use a woodburning tool to melt little holes, but do it OUTSIDE and on a day with a bit of a breeze! Noxious gases can be produced and they also just smell.


This is my female now this is in a mans hand to give you an idea.
Will these be large enough for my quarantine box?

Thanks again everyone for your help in thus as im new to snakes.


Oh my gosh, so cute!! Definitely gonna look forward to more pics in the future.

We’re happy to help. It’s always great to get to know people who truly care about their animals.


My male is 2’ 400 grams

The girl is named Orange Crush and the boy is Snow fall

Will the quarantine size i shiwed be sufficient? I truly want to give my pets the veey best care as i do for all my pets/family.


They’re adorable, you’re sure to love them! I’m mostly a corn snake gal, but the usual rule is thumb for them is that the snake’s length shouldn’t be greater than the linear length of one side plus the linear width of one side.

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Are you sure it is male? That is huge! If he is that big I would recommend a larger quarantine bin for him. I have my rosy in a bin similar sized and I have room for 2 tiny coconut halves as hides and a small water dish.