ASF food staples

Hello all, I was just curious to see what people use as a food staple for their ASFs. I currently give mine mainly mazuri 6f and taste of the wild ancient wetlands for its high protein. I also supplement with occasional dried meal worms and spray millet. I was just wondering for the people that give a high protein dog food if anyone has a cheaper suggestion, taste of the wild is quite pricey, plus I’m not a huge fan of the small kibble size as it falls through the hopper too easy. Thanks!

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Read through this thread, it’ll help answer that and probably any other questions you have about ASF’s.

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I feed doggy bag dog food from tractor supply to my ASF’s works pretty well. I also give them dried meal worms and seeds and nuts as well for that extra nutrition. They love the black oil sun flower seeds but I found a mix of seeds and nuts and meal worms in the chicken section at tractor supply that they like too

We tried the cheap dog food from TSC, didn’t like it.
We tried hampster/gerbil mix, didn’t like it.
We tried lab block rat chow, didn’t like it.
We tried the suet/oil seed, didn’t really care about it.

They really like and do well on this mix:
Kibble and bits mini bistro
Dried meal worms from TSC
Live crickets once a week
Occasional carrots or other veggies

They also like a little cheese, egg, fruit etc. But they don’t always finish it, so we try to feed those a day or so before tub cleaning day.

Also try boiling some spaghetti noodles and then drape a few through the mesh, they will steal it from each other :rofl:. Not too often or too much though, I doubt processed wheat in the form of pasta is good for them.

I hate how small the pieces of food are in the doggy bag dog food from TSC but right now it’s all I can find close in bulk at a decent price. I’d rather use mazuri rodent breeder food but it’s really high to get it shipped since no where around here sells it

So my question is
Can ASFs have White Mushrooms or and raw mushrooms

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Mushroom is okay to feed rats and ASF, but give them cooked mushrooms, not raw mushrooms.