Atlas in all his glory. ❤️

He’s doing so well. He still is a little standoffish with the baby :joy::joy: but that’s too be expected. But I am teaching the 3 year old the right way to handle him. We’ll get this down.


Very nice youngsters, both of them. :+1:

Young children have not been taught to fear snakes yet, good time to start, they become naturals. Mine did. He seems certainty relaxed around the snake.

Very old picture of 2 of my kids when they were young with one of my snakes. They love snakes to this day. (hypo greenish rat snake) —

Wow, those wooden train tracks and giant legos are still around? I had those for my kids 30 years ago.


I completely agree. At first, when Atlas made some sudden movements my lil boy got a little scared, but after I reassured him “No scared, Atlas is nice” he wasn’t afraid anymore.

We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and he loves petting them especially on their heads. So the “No touching his head” has been the hardest thing for him to grasp. All the other pets love it so why doesn’t Atlas? Hahaha.

Your snake was absolutely adorable. Do you still have him by chance?

And yes!!! My little boy loves the wooden train pieces. Though they’ve gone way up in price. I remember when I was young you could get like 100 pieces for $10. Now you get 10 pieces for like $100 :joy::joy::joy:


Sadly no that was probably over 25 years ago. I have a thread somewhere asking if anyone else has the mutation. Some did in the past but no one currently so far.


Yes I had the same thing explaining rub head for the cat and dog are ok, but no head rubs for the snake :smile_cat:


He is looking GREAT!! Congrats on all of your success!

Super excited to see more youngsters getting the right step into the hobby, even if they don’t pursue it themselves. THANK YOU for being an awesome parent and showing them there is nothing to fear.