Automatic Watermarking [785]

Others have requested this feature before.

@mattcookreptiles brought this up as well:

Hey John, Seems like lots of scammers are taking pictures from MM lately, I don’t know how hard this would be to program but I’d like to throw out the idea of morphmarket automatically watermark photos with a MM logo?

Here are my thoughts. First, what is the goal of “watermarking”?

If the purpose was branding, I think it’s a nice feature. For example note how Kinova does this but the WM is really below the photo. This isn’t really a WM at all. It doesn’t prevent photo stealing because it’s easy to cut it out.

If the purpose it is to help prevent someone from using YOUR photos, I think it’s a nice feature, if we put the logo over the image. This could curb the use of MM photos on other forums like FB. However, I do think automatic watermarking would mess up image quality and that is a downside to viewers.

If the goal is to try to address the problem AT LARGE of scammers stealing photos to create fake ads on MM, I don’t think it would help. There will always be plenty of unwatermarked photos, such as on FB and Google Images, etc. It’s easy to grab those. In fact, it may actually make it harder. At least if the images are from some other ad on MM, our viewers can recognize and flag it. I believe our current “flagging” system is pretty effective. If the photos start coming more from other sources, they might be less recognizable.

What are everyone’s thoughts?


My thoughts are that watermarks will make spotting scams harder.

Right now I can just reverse Google search an image and see if it has been posted on MM or IG/FB/Pinterest… Ect.

If the MM image has a watermark, and the other sites don’t, it won’t show in the reverse image results and I can’t see if it has been posted on MM before.

If sellers want to watermark their listings there are a million ways of doing so extremely quickly and for free… Some smartphones even have a watermark feature in the camera settings.

Watermarking 101 with Faststone


I actually had a member in the forum take my watermarked photo of hatchlings and try to pass it off as there’s. Scammers will always find a way.


Silly ramblings that may or may not work for this:

I wonder if instead of “merging” the logo onto the picture, if it could be a separate transparent image over the top of the picture?

So then it doesn’t cause the issue of making it more difficult to reverse image search a photo, and depending on how it’s layered, might make it more difficult for someone to just right click and save a photo cuz it’ll just keep giving them the top transparent logo image instead of the one underneath it :joy:

I think it’d also be cool to either use a MM logo or upload your own to be used


Lol, this is going to make it harder for me to make the boa morph quiz…