Baby Ball Python Morph Identification

I’ve been asking around for a morph ID on this little one and so far the consensus is a weird colored Butter/lesser. I was curious if anyone on here might have a better idea.


From these pictures I would place my bets on a light Mojave.

Here is a Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help that will help us help you :blush:


I agree with Thomas!


Sorry Thomas, Shaun, this one is just a regular Butter (Lesser) :grin: :+1:t4:

I’m going to stand with my mojave Id. Though I could be wrong lol.

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It looks more butter/lesser-y in coloration.

I have 2 butter females myself, a baby and an adult, for comparison:

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Assuming this is a petstore animal, the only way to know for sure is to buy him/her and grow him/her up and breed them. Love the coloring personally and I would love to add them to my collection for future breeding! :grin:

My first thought was mojave as well! I don’t know how to to tell the difference unless they are side by side really.

Yup they are 100% a pet store animal. My friend works there and pulled the little guy out for me because it seemed like something a bit unusual.

If you have the intentions to breed at some point I wouldn’t invest in unknown genes. You won’t be totally sure what the offspring are and as such will make it harder to sell them.


0 interest in breeding bps, I’m working with short tail pythons for that, but I like random oddball individuals.