Baby ball python problem

Hey so I’ve been keeping ball python for a while now and I just purchased two more babies. Their both exhibiting strange behaviors and I’m just kinda lost. Their thrashing their head on the ground with their mouths open and the female actually bit herself. What should I do? Help is appreciated

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I would consider taking them to a reptile vet if it continues. What morphs are they? Certain morphs exhibit neurological problems that can worsen under stress, or it could be an illness.


I agree, it’s not a normal behaviour. I’d suggest a vet visit.

Did you get them from the same place?

Also was anything happening prior to the thrashing about and mouths open etc?


Yeah I got them from the same breeder. They both regurgitated their last few meals. I’ve had them on a feeding break for a week

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Ones a Mojave and ones a 66% het pied

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How often do you feed them and how long have they been thrashing about etc?

Are they quarantined away from the rest of your other snakes?

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I fed them once a week but stopped after they threw up. I just noticed the thrashing etc. today. No there in the same racks as a few others.

I can’t say anything about the thrashing around, but I can say some things about regurgitation. When a snake regurgitates, you have to fast them for at least 2 weeks (babies) or three weeks (older). If you don’t, they will regurgitate over and over until they die.


Yeah I wasn’t gonna feed them for two weeks it’s been one since they regurgitated

You should always quarantine reptiles for a month or more, not sure how long you have had them. But this is because they might carry something and pass to your other reptiles.

Do they look to have any issues with their mouths at all? Our was it just a one off

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Actually the female had blood in her mouth

Take them to a vet ASAP and get them away from your other animals. The blood might be from her injuring herself or it could be something more serious. Make sure to check temps as well since anything higher than 90°F for too long can cause neurological issues.


how long have you had them? have they been acting fine prior to you noticing? id make sure its a reptile savvy vet so you can ensure the vet is experienced in snakes and can actually provide help and a solution!

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So a few questions… Again I don’t know how long you have had them?

Have you changed the temp suddenly and what temp do you keep them at?
Have you changed the substrate recently?

Given that they are from the same breeder and both sorting signs, but your other snakes do not, it seems very possible they have something wrong rather than temp issues.

I’d take some videos and see the vet. They may ask for a stool sample.

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I’ve had them for a little over a month and I had to switch them to paper towels to treat them for mites

and how long have they been acting like this?

It just stared today this morning

Oh and I keep them at 86- 89 on the warm side and 78 to 79 ambient

my first thought is it might be a bad reaction to mite treatment? i dont exactly know, so please feel free to educate me if im wrong(ive never had to treat mites in my collection).

what kind of substrate are they on?