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I realized the other day I post almost no ball python content on here so here is the thread that no one has been waiting for :joy:

I’ve got a few clutches getting established that have some neat stuff to look at. I’ll take some decent photos and get those posted this weekend.

Today we have the start of a new project for me. I’ve been focusing on trying to combine several od my recessive projects this season but was really only able make a couple of pairings towards that goal. Here is one of them coming in with 5 good eggs from a first time female.

Pastel Clown x Pastel Leopard Hypo


Beautiful python sir. I always look forward to your posts, friendly and super informative :+1:


Love the way hypo makes her head glow like that. Great pattern on her too. I know the babies will only be het for hypo and clown, but throwing in pastel/super pastel plus the two het influences with a nice patterned female like that will get you some crazy looking offspring I’ll bet! Can’t wait to see what they look like!


I’ve never seen a pastel leopard hypo before that I like, but gosh darn it - your snake is stunning! I hope the odd gods bless you with some awesome hatchlings! :heart_eyes:


Here’s a few recent things.

1.0 Banana Silverstreak (Super Pastel Black Pastel)

1.0 Banana Black Pastel GHI Pinstripe

I believe this is a 0.1 Black Pastel GHI Pinstripe

1.0 Banana Black Pastel Pinstripe or something lol

0.1 GHI Spinner Blast


That’s some great stuff! My favorite is the banana black pastel pin. That thing glows! The stripe looks neon orange! I also like the same thing without banana. I thought ghi and Mojave were usually the darkest when paired, but the black pastel ghi pin is wickedly dark! I think I need some ghi! I really think I got to have it!:laughing:


Those two were my favorites out of that clutch too lol. I love GHI it’s brings something to the table in almost every combo. It brings on the pattern reduction and brightness in a lot of combos, and in others like that BP GHI Pin it comes in dark.

These are some of my favorite low pattern ghi combos I’ve made so far.
Super Enchi Pastel GHI

Bumblebee GHI Enchi


In that nice reduced bumblebee, you can tell something is cleaning it up, but I wouldn’t have guessed ghi together with Enchi! I have to say though the other one…Wow! That super Enchi is crazy! You wouldn’t even think ghi is in it! It makes it look like a completely different unknown morph! The head pattern, great contrasting body, and dark tipped scales, but still with so much saturation of color, just phenomenal! I like :+1:


Pastel Clown x Genetic Stripe

Fingers crossed I get a female heavy sex ratio :crossed_fingers:


Gstripe clowns are very cool, dont see enough of them. Congrats on the clutch!

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I’m pretty excited about the project. I plan to pick up a visual male next year to light a fire under it in my collection.

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Yes I totally agree with @biologicalcanvas the kiki morph is crazy! That’s where I am headed in a few or more seasons as well! Love the way g-stripe and clown fight for dominance on the snake! May the odds gods bless you with females!


They are all amazing! I have to agree with @banereptiles , that super enchi is wickedly cool.
I was going to pair my female ghi with my od fire yellowbelly but I think I’ve found a new direction to go.

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Calico Pastave x Bumblebee

Coral Glow Mojave x Pastel Lesser


Last reptile show we’ll probably do this year. It was put on in Redding by our local reptile store so it was nice to do one 15 minutes from home lol.


This is awesome.


Really liked the look of your showcases with the different colors, brightly lit looked great! Nice big easy to read banner as well! Hope you sold a good amount!


Thanks guys! I’m not sure if I’m done tweaking on the setup but we were pretty happy with it at this show.

Sales were pretty slow, but the crowd was big, and that was all we really cared about since this was put on by our local reptile store. With the economy, being what it’s been the show was a big boost for the store.


I’ve got a bunch of cool stuff in the incubator right now, but this one just shed and not only is she pretty, she’s packing some heat too :drooling_face: Pairing was Pastel Clown x Pastel Leopard Hypo.

0.1 Super Pastel Leopard DH Hypo Clown


Wow, she really is beautiful! Also her genetics are incredible. Can’t wait to see some size on her.