Ball Python egg question

So I just had one of my females lay a clutch five days ago and i was wondering is it normal for two of the seven eggs to start becoming partially transparent? I’m really excited about this clutch because of the mother. She’s a Calico Enchi Spinner YB Prob OD Poss het Pied and then the male was a Spider Lesser Leopard het Clown. The people I got her from paired her with an Albino male but she never became gravid.

Your humidity is too high, it’s called windowing and it’s when all or part of the eggs start to become transparent.

do you have a photo of how you have them setup?

No well i can’t post it from this device. The incubator is a Reptibator. The humidity display is wrong, it has to be. Sometimes it reads 90% and sometimes 40%. I have them in Lugarti vermiculite and there at 89.6 F

I have two other hygrometers in there and they both read 80% humidity

Then it’s likely 80% but if anything that’s too low not too high. Your temperature seems okay. Are they getting ventilation?

Yeah i open it to check the temps with a temp gun and then there’s holes in the sides of the incubator

Is there any condensation?

There’s a bit in two corners of the roof of the incubator

The humidity seems low… mine is close to 99%… where is the windows at on the egg? top? near the substrate?

So your eggs are not in a box? I am not familiar with your incubator.

No i have the eggs in bins inside of an incubator. The windows are at the top of the eggs.

the windows at the top means water is dripping on them in that spot.


I thought so but I don’t see and condensation above the eggs themselves. And I checked how the eggs shells feel and their taut but i can indent them slightly, but it doesn’t stay which is why I thought they were too humid

I agree that water is dripping on them. You could tape a paper towel to the lid above them and replace it every once in a while. Make sure the humidity doesn’t drop (you should probably raise it anyways).


Ok I’ll do it when I’m home I just really won’t this clutch to make it


Is this correct?

She’s a Calico Enchi Spinner YB Prob OD Poss het Pied and then the male was a Spider Lesser Leopard het Clown.

If so you have troubles right off the bat. Spider to Spider is a known lethal combination and should never be paired. Your eggs could be unviable and therefore dying off. Are they turning transparent because they’re “sweating” or a little greenish where they’re wet? Post a few photos so we can help determine more.


Yeah that’s right. But the people I got the female from had previously bred her to a normal male so I feel like he’s more likely the father. I feel like it’s sweating. I can post a pick when I get home.

Even if it is a spider to spider only 25% of the eggs would be affected. 25% would be normal, 50% would be spider, and only 25% would be super spider and wouldn’t make it.

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Those are only basic percentages, as anyone who breeds knows, the odds are never split exactly. It’s certainly possible that more than 25% could be affected and for me any % is too high. I would love to be the 1st person to produce a viable leusistic carpet python but would never breed jag to jag just to see what could come out.

Even if a normal male is “most likely” the father I still wouldn’t chance a lethal pairing. What’s the benefit vs reward? 25%(odds) lethal for possible high multi gene survivors, just use a different multi gene male w/o spider. For me it’s a personal ethical decision that each person has to decide for themselves.

But considering there was a thread on here not long ago about culling of “normals” because noone wants them anymore with so many morphs now available isn’t breeding lethal combinations just as bad or worse? Your knowingly willing to cull 25%(odds) before they even hatch. Many breeders are not even producing spiders of any kind because of the ethical questions of the wobble, how would they feel about this?

I would never question or criticize anyone for what they choose to do with their own animals of any species. But with so many threads just on here alone about the things people do in our hobby that could tarnish its reputation and be used by AR people ie; the aggressive ball python video the other day poking it w tongs or other such concerns, a knowingly lethal breeding could be just as bad when used as a negative example of our community.

JMO, you do you and Goodluck.