Ball python hatchling bug eye

Just hatched today and he has a bug eye. Is this a permanent deformity?

It will really depends, if it is bullous spectaculopathy (which is an accumulation of fluid) it can be caused by an infection, duct blockage or failure of the lacrimal duct to develop, in newly hatch snakes it’s usually the latter.

Drainage can be option but finding the right vet that is familiar with the issue and capable to investigate will be the hardest part and if the duct did not develop it will come back.

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Thank you, I will keep an eye on it and hopefully it gets better. Just never seen it before. Should I try to flush with saline or put Vaseline on it? Vet is not close at all so hopefully won’t have to take him.

I wouldn’t do anything, let it shed and see how it looks after the first shed, I hatched something similar to that years ago and it look better after it’s first shed, not perfect but a lot better.

Sometimes that will shed off. I’ve only seen a few cases like that and none of them were mine.

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Thank you for the information.

Thank you for replying and for the information