[Ball Pythons] Breeding Temperature Advice?

Hey everyone
What are the right breeding temperatures for ball pythons?
Have been getting a lot of different answers


Last year was my first season, ended 2 for 2 with nice healthy eggs/babies. I did no cycling. 80ish ambients, 88-90 degree hot spot. I’ll have somewhere between 4 and 8 females this upcoming season and I plan to keep it the same.


The most honest answer is “the temps that are right for you/your collection”

People accuse me of being flippant when I say that but I am not. Are there general guidelines out there? Yeah, that is why you get a bunch of different answers. But it takes working with and learning your animals to figure out what the ‘right’ ones are for your collection. Start with the average of everything everyone has told you and then move up or down based on the behaviour of your animals


Last year I had 2 females ready to breed and I didn’t cool my temps, I only had one go. This year I have 6 females ready to breed and I’m trying a mix of JKR and Marcus Jaynes cooling methods. I cool my temps to 78 during the day (it’s normally 80 the rest of the year) and drops to 75 at night. I also drop my hot spots from 90 during the day to 85 at night. So far I’ve only paired 3 out of the 6 and have gotten multiple successful locks

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