Bamboo Hatchling ID

Hatched this girly out from pairing

Black Pastel, Specter/YB, Calico, Pastel, lesser, Orange Dream X Pastel Bamboo

What are everyones opinions?


It’s a bamboo

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Lol, yes. I mean in regards to other genes. As its clearly not just bamboo. Just look at the head.

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I don’t see any other genes present, IMO it’s just bamboo. They have variations blushing. Pastel adds yellow to bamboo, don’t see that. Lesser would make it a bel, not that. OD and YB would also add color, not there. We’ve all been there, wanting more out of our clutches but I just don’t see anything more than standard bamboo. Maybe others will have a different opinion.


I say pastel bamboo, heads too light for a normal bamboo.


I would bamboo until we can see more shots of it with more size.

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Hey you missed Black Pastel and Calico out :joy: but yeah In seriousness I’ve seen many bamboos but not that have a completely washed out head, she’s completely silver ATM and most bamboos tend to stay very close to how they hatch out, So it had me scratching my head :joy:

It’s possible she’s Het for Ghost and that’s made her lighter but I was curious what others thought. The blushing is also transparent like that of a super pastel.

I’ll wait for a few sheds and see if she colours up. She also has orange tinge on the belly.

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Hypo is a recessive trait so no “het” influence I’m not great with bamboo but I agree with @snaxxs looks like a single gene bamboo. But have zero experience with hatching it so don’t know how it colors up or down as it grows lol.


I don’t really work with bamboo either, but I’ve seen tons on MorphMarket (single gene bamboo hatchlings) and I can’t find another one that looks like her colour wise. They alot darker (more golden and don’t have that washed out head) so who knows :man_shrugging:

I believe dad has a gene that I’m hoping to prove out with some of his offspring I’ve kept back from other previous clutches so who knows, maybe there’s something at play that I don’t know about.

If she’s just a bamboo then she’s the coolest one I’ve seen lol and hopefully her babies will look like her :ok_hand:

Appreciate everyones feedback :+1:

Dads 100% Het Ghost

Right but hypo or ghost is recessive so it will not show in single gene form. That’s why it’s classified as a recessive. So that will factor in zero in what the hatchlings look like.

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hypo, clown, pied, albino and probably many others are not probably not recessive by text book definition. Het hypos definitely show through sometimes. even in the sheds sometimes. It’s also a fresh hatchling so wouldn’t make too many assumptions yet.


Yeah, but but certain recessives give ringer, pattern changes and washed out sadles.

I’m going to disagree on het hypo. Hypo is the main recessive I work with and I really don’t think you can see it’s influence in single gene form. And they would be showing through every time if they are incomplete dominant. We can’t change the definition of recessive.


I’ve marked some snakes from previous clutches I believe may be recessive for ghost so it’s going to be really interesting & fun when it comes to proving out time :relaxed: be awesome if they all proved out… you never know.

A case can be made for clown and pied being incomplete dominant and not recessive. But I truly believe hypo is recessive. This is my opinion from my personal experience I can very well be wrong lol.


I think we are only scratching the surface of what we know about genetics. My boy has paradoxing and he has passed this down to 4 different clutches now and around 25% of every clutch he sires has paradoxing

Well I know with paradoxing ever single big breeder has tried to prove it’s genetic and not one has.


Do you mean the Chimera paradox?

Yes such as skittles and what not. And general paradoxing has never been proven genetic as well. And a lot of people have tried. I think ringers and paradoxing just show up higher percentages in certain morphs such as champagne. But it’s not a dominant, incomplete dominant, or recessive trait.