Banana Lavender Albinos

Hi guys and dolls

Banana Lavender Albinos… They are stated on WOBP as being a morph first developed by Mershons Morphs.

“Mershons Morphs - Breeders - World of Ball Pythons”

And the only one I can find on MM being sold by Outback reptiles back in march:

Is it just that breeders would rarely part with it or was there a problem with it or did it just go out of fashion?

Why are there not more of these guys being sold?

No standard answer to that one. Some things that have been made are basically pointless, others of no financial interest, in some cases noone really cares…in others: the market has moved on. Give the mutitude of available projects it might be just a matter of finding the right people, and a lot of reseach! :wink:

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You’ve made me more hopeful in finding one. So there isn’t a known issue or problem breeding that you know of, just a lack of interest?
I better get my digging boots on then.

I never heard of any issues! It’ll be down to “what’s the point of this Combo?”. Personally: I don’t see any point making Lavender Bananas, but that also is just a personal oppinion.

Best place to start would be:
Find breeders with a sizable Lavender Project and contact them directly. :wink:

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I understand your point completely, there wouldn’t be much visually different to warrant the price tag it would come with. But I plan on buying a lavender and banana separately, so in the long distance future if I ever wanted to breed them I would have genes that would work together… If that make much sense.

Say I bought a Lavender Banana male and a Lavender female, at least I would have a chance getting visual Lavenders compared to a Banana X Lavender.
It’s not a huge thing in my decision making as I’m many many years off breeding, if ever, but I’d definitely pay the extra for the opportunity being there should retirement come very early :wink:

Nice one Martin :grin:

There are si many combos and so many ways to take this stuff there are a lot of combos still out there and I think the possibilities are almost endless at this point…plus you are talking about a double ressecive and those really arent that easy to make…some really follow the market and some follow there own drum

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The lavender albino game is HEAVY into making dreams right now so the market is pushing it in ome direction so it is a project that could be taken a differant way to produce some worlds first cause it hasnt really been put into too many directions yet…its kinda hard to take sumpin a differant way when you know its 3k a pop making dreamsicles…interesting topic though cause MAYBE this thread will lead to some more worlds first cause there arent many lav albino combos especially 4-5 gene ones


And what’s the point behind making world first’s anyway??? :wink::roll_eyes:


Lol…it definitley varies with personality Martin…some do it for acceptance some do it for themselves…

Martin: Bah, Humbug! Lol.

Or can you really call them a worlds first if you didn’t even create both genetics of the parents all there really doing is creating a new morph from someone else’s genetics imo

But then who’s genetics are they?

The one who discovered the genes?
The one who works with the gene?
The one who bought the original that carried the gene?
The one who found the original in the wild?
The first to prove it out?

I think we all understand “world’s first” as being a combination no-one has documented as of yet.
It’s not much too breeders that have had multiple world’s first, but to somebody just starting out it’s a special moment knowing nobody on the planet has taken the same path as you and if they have then you are ahead of their game.
I think big YouTubers throw it out there more as reputation points, “you won’t find this in any other store”.


That’s why you don’t see many the top breeders saying worlds first cause it doesn’t mean anything usually just ones that trying to sell there snakes imo

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I think “worlds first” relevance may primarily be in the ability to name the new mutation or mutation combination :slight_smile:.

Yessssss. Naming rights baby!! Haha

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Pretty sure its the main reason and progression is the number one excitable thing about these animals and I didnt mean to even take this thread off topic but Worlds First are a thng and even the ones that dowmplay it smile inside more than they let you KNOW

World firsts are a doddle!!!

Thats defimitley an opinion you are more than welcome to have…never met someone that had all the answers before…met plenty that think they do THOUGH

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Worlds seconds and thirds and so on are just a doodle…its all a doodle

here it is:

A world first matters, when you hit a Grail or Dreamsicle. Even a Pumpkin Pied or other Game changers. Bigger pictrure: focus on your projects, q

uality and line-breeding, and you’ll be fine.

Noone needs a Super Classic, OD, screwmethehellandback… Enchi Pastel fire-. A White snake is a white snake is a white snake. Kind of like this picture. It doesn’t matter.

It really doesn’t matter, if it’s another first, that noone can tell.

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