Banana Mojave Pastel Ghost Clutch after first shed - What say you? ID help

I need your help everyone. I’m in love with this clutch. The banana and potential ghost has me thrown off. I can’t tell which bananas are ghost and which are banana mojave combos. The pairing was a 0.1 Banana het ghost x 1.0 Super Mojave pastel het ghost (pos visual ghost).

My guesses are below the pics. A couple of these look super pastel to me, did I miss pastel in the mom??

The 8th is still awaiting shed.


My guesses 1-7 top to bottom:

  1. Banana Mojave Pastel
  2. Banana Mojave Pastel Ghost
  3. Mojave
  4. Banana Mojave Pastel Ghost (Slight Paradox)
  5. Banana Mojave
  6. Pastel Mojave
  7. Banana Pastel Mojave Ghost (super pastel??)

I look forward to your thoughts. Thanks in advance. @saleengrinch @t_h_wyman


Would it be possible to get a picture of the coral glows side by side group picture style???


Yup! Give me a few…

Here we are all together. The 8th one shed last night so I included that one as well.


I’m not really seeing mojave in any of those.


There all going to be mojave the male was a super mojave


I’d like to see the dad. I’ve hatch a lot of banana mojave stuff. I don’t see any mojave in those.
The first picture is a single gene banana imo.

First one is a banana mojave pos pastave, second is a banana pastave, last is a single gene banana


As you should be! Smoke show for real! Admittedly these are super tough to id. I’m going to get my partner in crimes opinion. He has hatched way more coral glow stuff than me. And I’ll let you know! I definitely think you hit some hypos and have pastel on both sides.

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There was another pairing to a Clown Pastel male, but the hypo look is why I went to the Super Mojave. I’m out right now. I’ll post pics of both this afternoon.

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Here’s some quick cell phone pics:
Ok, the mom is the Banana. She was sold to me as a mature, virgin banana het ghost, no further parental history on her.

She was paired four times and locks seen to this Pastel Clown. He was sold to me as an adult, and I do not know his parental history.

Mom was paired once to this guy in case the clown was misfiring. He was sold to me as a Super Mojave het ghost - pos visual ghost, pos pastel. His parental pairing was a Ghost mojave to Pastave het ghost.

Purple head, blue eyes:


Well this makes it a bit more confusing lol. You may have a dual sired clutch. Which has never happened to me personally but can happen rarely.


Hmm… Well…

Does anyone see more than just pastel in the clown? Or another(co)Dom in the Banana?
Is it possible that none of those bananas are hypo, but just young bananas?

I’m trying to think of simpler answers than a complicated split clutch conclusion. (From a business standpoint I also hope I can say with certainty what hets are at play for potential buyers).

I should have said so earlier, but thank you both for taking the time to look at these closely with me @ballornothing @saleengrinch


I think @saleengrinch is probably right, because you have two obvious outliers in the bananas. The one really orange one doesn’t look like a normal banana or pastel banana. I’m thinking maybe pastel hypo banana? The bottom right one looks pastel banana + as well but completely different than the orange one. Look at the saddle pattern on it too. Reminds of me something I can’t put my finger on.

Your pastel clown doesn’t have any pattern on his sides like mine do. Whatever is breaking up the pattern might be why that one bottom right is so much darker while still appearing to be pastel and banana.

Banana varies a ton, so I’m not super confident on stuff I haven’t hatched. The funky pattern on the two in the middle resembles the funky pattern on my pastel het clowns too.


If leopard were in the clown Pastel, would that be a feasible answer for him being the father? Banana, banana leopard (the most orange one), banana leopard pastel (three in the middle), and banana pastel (lower right?).

I’ve been scouring clown and banana pics this afternoon, leopard sort of fits both. IF we abandon hypo altogether.


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Well one thing to keep in mind anything that was/is hypo would have to be mojave. And I’m not personally seeing leopard in any of the snakes. The snake on the bottom right is throwing me off. It’s obviously different than the rest.


Good point, didn’t even think of that. That orange one is probably just be a funky single gene then.

I agree no leopard either, the pastel clown would have more pattern not less.


Thanks guys, I appreciate all of your insight and help. So, back to basics maybe, any mojave anywhere?

That singularly eliminates the Super Mojave if not. It also would confirm them all as 100% het clown. I can prove out or pass on the extra funkiness in time if I can get down to a singular sire.

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Do other BEL combos produce a purplish head? Would that answer to the hypo looks and missing or absent mojave?

They all have similar effect in banana. The extra gene is in your clown.

This is a normal pastel clown, notice the sidewall pattern. Whatever is wiping that out in your clown is the answer. It could be blade. There was a lot of bad blood over the reduced pattern vs blade clowns tribes. Got to be where people would ridicule you for saying your clown was blade. Then someone made a super blade and that cut the chatter a little bit. Eventually the world went on but for a couple of years it was ridiculous.

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